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August 7th 2017
Published: August 26th 2017
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Santa Fe has been voted by most publications the like of Travel & Leisure or CondeNast Traveler as a top 3 place to live or to visit in States. This has not gone for two or three years, but rather for over the last 20 years. Santa Fe seems to be "the place", and still, I don't have many international friends who visited the place.

So we made it to Santa Fe. The city being so much hip has his disadvantage here are not cheap at all. So we never slept in Santa Fe. It's not a big issue as it is only a short drive from Albuquerque.

I wanted to do some of the historic Route 66. But guess what, the historic route here is not anymore, it has been replaced by a solid Interstate Highway....nothing fancy neither interesting here. So instead of another boring Interstate, we went on the scenic bypass road, this one is named the Turquoise Trail. This is not a little tiny road, after all we are in the States. But it is a beautiful drive for the less than 100kms that distance Albuquerque to Santa Fe.

One the way to Santa Fe, we stopped in Madrid. No we didn't go to Europe. Here, we have already drive by so many place from Warsaw to Berlin, all European cities do have a sibling in the States.

Here, Madrid is nothing else than a strip of a village by the road. The place must have been close to left over or abandoned at one stage. But today, it's a trendy, shall I call it hippy place, selling on any scrap that has been recycled into a glorified art work....with a price to match obviously! After all, we are in the States....and the cost of living is what it is! We parked the mustang, and like everybody else, walked the pavement here, speed limit is 20 miles per hour, and everybody is having a great time!

Next stop was Santa Fe. We are lucky, today is Sunday. The market is out, the parking is free....and the place is crowded. This place is fun. They have tens or may be even more art galleries all over...but where we had fun was in the permanent Christmas shop. Next one we would encounter would be way East on the Mexico Gulf! that place was just fun!

Big market around, and the fire people were around. We joined the kids and went for a ride on the local renovated vintage fire truck....and it was fun! Big time!

We did not stop in one of the trendy restaurant! Sorry, I'm looking at the budget...slightly! So lunch was at Whole Foods! I love this can have a seriously decent lunch for the price of a fast may eat with a plastic fork, but this is a seriously good deal! my burrito was just great! Imagine the future of the retail business in the's going to be Walmart again Amazon, whom just bought Whole Foods!

We spent a nice day in Santa Fe. Went through few churches, few fun shops....nice food....a place to definitely come back. I would actually be more than ready to thry the skiing here on day. The city is at a nice breezy 2000 meters up, or something like this!

Enjoy the, we are heading more State...and some serious hours on the road...

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