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February 3rd 2018
Published: February 3rd 2018
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Town of ArtesiaTown of ArtesiaTown of Artesia

Beautiful statue on main road through Artesia.
Today we headed off to the World Famous UFO museum in Roswell NM, location of an alleged UFO crash in 1947. A rancher discovered debris in a sheep pasture he was working in and that kicked of a 70 year dialogue and debate on what was found some 7 decades ago. The museum does a great job presenting formerly classified documents and death-bed statements to justify their assertion that in addition to debris from a space craft; there was the bodies of 4 extraterrestrial beings found as well. They lay their case out well and add in enough touristy stuff to make the museum a really fun stop along our cross-country expedition. We half expected the museum to be a complete tourist trap, but were pleasantly surprised by how professionally it is put together. While walking around in the museum, we heard accents from people from several countries, so the mystery still pings the curiosity of UFO theorists from around the world. On the way back to the RV, we had a great time debating the arguments on what was found, was it an advanced government weapons project, an alien crash, a genetic experiment, etc... If you go see the museum and read their documents, you will find yourself entering the debate. We took pictures of the documents, but they were too numerous to include them all in the blog. It was truly another fun afternoon.

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Back at the RV ParkBack at the RV Park
Back at the RV Park

Sunset at the RV park after returning from Roswell.
He had a PR Document He had a PR Document
He had a PR Document

Next picture provides an enhanced text of the PR story he held in the picture.

We haven't mastered the selfie stick...but we keep trying.
Refinery Along the WatRefinery Along the Wat
Refinery Along the Wat

The road between Carlsbad KOA and Roswell is oil wells and refineries.

5th February 2018

I think I will put that on my bucket list! I am one of the crazy people who do believe in UFO's. Haven't seen evidence of it, but just think in this huge universe we can't be it.
5th February 2018

You’d love it then. We had a great time.

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