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June 16th 2008
Published: July 2nd 2008
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On our way home, we took a short side trip tp Acoma Pueblo, Sky City as it's also called, or Ak'u in the Keresan Language of the people who have made their home there for over 1000 years.

Acoma sits upon a 350 foot rock mesa with sheer sides. It is the oldest continually inhabited town in North America. It's people migrated from the north in the distant past and called it Haak'u or Ak'u, the place prepared, as they believe that it was there, prepared and waiting for them.

When we arrived at Acoma, we made aquaintence with a local artist/activist who informed us of all this.
He introduced us to the saying : Ammu Han'u, Aamuu Haatsi. Beloved Land, Beloved People. This reflects the worldview of the Aku'me, people of Acoma. The inseparable connection between the land and the people & the continuous cycle & struggle to maintain harmony. "It means we are responsible for the values we hold precious".

Ak'u is a special and beautiful place whose people have struggled long and hard to maintain their spirituallity, religion, worldview and way of life against incredible opposition.
To visit the village, one must

Now there is a road up the mesa. Previously people climed up by steps carved into the rock.
go with a guide. This is well worth it and allows the community some control over the numerous visitors.

Acoma is well known for it's outstanding pottery tradition. We were able to meet some of the excelent potters & I got a small peice for Patty. I'm glad we got to go there.

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Only Tree in the villageOnly Tree in the village
Only Tree in the village

This tree is referred to as :The Acoma National Forest"

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