Karma and All That

Published: June 25th 2017
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Geo: 35.1241, -106.768

Being on the small Pacific Princess ship was great again today. No long lines at disembarkation! We spent the short time after we had to vacate our mini-suite in the Platinum Lounge where they had coffee, tea, and breakfast snacks. Our disembarkation group was called right on time. We got through all the rigmarole easily and were on the transfer bus to the airport about twenty minutes after leaving the lounge.

Check-in at the United counter in the airport was quick—no lines there either. When we were next in line for passport check in airport security, a man hurried up beside me and went ahead of me to give his passport. I let him cut in line without comment (except to Philip). That turned out to be a bad idea for him. He was selected for random secondary screening when he got to the x-ray machines. That would have been me if he had not cut the line.

Our flights coming home were crammed full of people, but everyone was nice. When the flight attendants were doing their safety demo at the beginning of our first flight, I noticed that they were all smiling. I wonder if that is a new directive for them now that United has had some bad PR events in the last few weeks. I don't remember the flight attendants smiling throughout that speech on other flights; I just remember them looking serious and bored. Sharing a smile at that time could be a positive psychological ploy.

We had time for a lunch break at B Grill by BOA Steakhouse at LAX and relaxed in the United Lounge at both LAX and DEN while waiting for flights. We landed at the Sunport about ten minutes early and were home by 9:15.

My favorite things this trip:

Seeing four countries that we have not been to before.

Talking to lots of very experienced travelers on the ship.

Keeping up with 10,000 steps most days.

Birds at the Cathedral in Colombia flying as an entire flock from one building to another.

Seeing the canal from the opposite perspective than the one we saw it from the last time we were in Panama.

The schoolchildren in El Salvador.

Quotation for the Day: “Come back new,” Princess' slogan.


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