White Sands National Monument

Published: February 24th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

The sands were AMAZING!

After a few days in El Paso we decided to head over to White Sands National Monument for some fun among the sands. I have a great love of geological features and places so going to sands was an experience well needed.

What struck me the most was that upon our arrival on a perfect day with clear azure skies was that the sands looked like snow. It was surreal expecting snow but feeling nothing but heat once you left your car.

Also the sands are BLINDING! The sun reflecting off of them blinds you for the first half hour or so. Your eyes eventually get used to it but its quite painful at first. Waiting for your eyes to get used to it is worth it though! The dunes and plants are beautiful!

It is also a struggle to walk up any of the dunes or even to walk on flat ground. I know I sound like I am complaining but I am not! Just warning you! Enjoy the sands! They are worth it!

I kept seeing the high dunes and all I wanted was to roll down one of them.
Colby Fighting Off The GlareColby Fighting Off The GlareColby Fighting Off The Glare

The glare of the sun bouncing off the sands was intense.
Colby convinced me to do so and thinking it be fun I just threw myself down and a couple of bumps and doinks and ows and thuds later I ended up at the bottom of the dune in pain and laughing uncontrollably. I'll think twice before I do it again!

Colby eventually got tired and headed down to a park bench and shade. I stayed up bouncing from dune to dune and running in circles. He eventually got tired of waiting and came up the dune to pick me up. We sat at the top of a high dune for a while just taking the whiteness in.

I so want to be here on a full moon night to witness the spectacle!

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White Sands PortraitWhite Sands Portrait
White Sands Portrait

Its amazingly white here.
Surveying The SandsSurveying The Sands
Surveying The Sands

Standing atop of the dunes one can survey all.
Sand or Snow?Sand or Snow?
Sand or Snow?

The sand can be as white as snow.
Desolate WastelandDesolate Wasteland
Desolate Wasteland

Searching for signs of water.
Quick ExitQuick Exit
Quick Exit

Making a run for the exit to get some shade and water.
Rolling, Rolling, RollingRolling, Rolling, Rolling
Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

My attempt to roll down a dune proved painful and unsuccessful.
Colby Amongst The DunesColby Amongst The Dunes
Colby Amongst The Dunes

He had enough of me jumping around the dunes so he came up to drag me back to the car.
Us on the DunesUs on the Dunes
Us on the Dunes

Yay dunes!

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