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February 28th 2010
Published: February 28th 2010
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1: cara 35 secs
Well. Time grows short. im still putting the final touches on the rv. just preplaced the starter, and will be adding a new fuel pump next. i still need to sort the stove out, and buy 4 new tires, but we are almost ready. Cara has been loading it up with the various items she has procured through legitimate and less than legitamate means. i think we will be ready, but one can never be sure until your out on the road .

The planned meeting of jodan and cara was foiled by a blizzard that was dropped close to 3 feet of snow on my house. A new plan is in the works, but the details remain mysterious to me at least. i believe jodan is putting in his 2 weeks soon. cara resigns the end off march. me ill be working till the day we leave. in just that dedicated, and ive nothing better to do.

though the details of the trip are fuzzy at best, we have gained a bit more perspective on the duration of the trip, at least with respect to how long cara will be with us. her round the world adventure, solo, puts her headed back to nyc the end of june. so we will be making every effort to get to the grand canyon before then as she has never partaken its massive geologic wonder. probably cause she's afrain off hieghts. But she desires to overcome this fear, emboldened by the tale of overcoming my fear of ninja zombie assasins.

As for jodan, he proclaims he is returning to munich in september. this will of course leave me alone and at the whims of the maddness the road often presents me. when cara leaves, thing will go down hill. when jodan goes, so will all reason and desency. Perhaps then ill be able to properly explain myself.


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