If music be the food of life...

Published: August 27th 2009
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Well all is still on track. The Wally Wagon is coming together nicely. As music for the open road is a imperitive, i rewired the entire sound system in the rv. new speakers, wires, and tuner. And as a great deal of the driving will be in the vast untouched reaches of the south, i installed a satalite radio so i wont have to choose between the country station that sucks and a country station that blows.

By the time we hit the road, there wont be an inch of the rv i havent taken apart and learnded how it works. So, barring a complete engine failure, i should be able to fix any problems that arise. Soon the painting party will begin. And i am gonna mess that thing up royally with the most strange and outlandish paint job the rv world has ever seen. Pictures will follow.

Other wise, ill be outta here in a few months.

love ya' all


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