Guidos and fist pumping at the Jersey shore

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September 11th 2011
Published: September 14th 2011
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After watching the show i figured it was time to head to the Jersey shore and see all the tanned guidos fist pumping myself.
Funny enough, my hotel was literally down to road from the Jersey shore house, where all the shenanigans went on in the show.
The boardwalk along the beach was full of stalls, games, food and fun park rides... oh and not to mention the 'Shore store" where all the guys worked on the show... full of really over priced shirts saluting the guidos and the Jersey shore.
The holiday season just finished so most people had gone home, but there were still many people out, and it was great to do abit of guido spotting along the boardwalk.
When night time came. aka; t-shirt time, we donned our t-shirts and headed out to see some real fist pumping action (see the Jersey shore store).
We went to a bar along the boardwalk, and had the tastiest drinks ever.. they had all these different kinds of flavoured vodkas, from candy floss, cake, mango etc.. the bartender made us some great concoctions with the cake flavoured vodka.
After enough of that, we headed to 'Karma', the bar frequented by the guys in the show. Though it was not as pumping as it is on the show and it was full of old people and no one was fist pumping, so we headed to a different bar to play some beer pong..... which i might add we won. Thus concluding our night on a high note before heading off to Cancun the next morning.

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The Shore storeThe Shore store
The Shore store

totally over priced.. thanks to the show

I made the girls walk around for an hour or so because i was so desperate for a salad.. after we found one and went drinking.. we stumbled upon this

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