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August 16th 2009
Published: August 16th 2009
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Surprise!!!! I flew home last Saturday for a week and it was marvelous! Got into Philly around 10pm and by the time I got home I was still awake so I stayed up for a bit on the computer and talking to Emily, which was very nice. Sunday morning we headed down to Cape May! It was so nice seeing so much green as we drove down. I hadn't realized quite how much I missed woods until I saw them again. 😊 Also, I love Jersey and how every 2 feet practically there are local produce stands along the side of the road. Wonderful. I went with dad, we arrived a little after 2pm but couldn't check in yet. So I wandered. Went and got some scratch lottery tickets (I love that I lived in vegas for over 2 months and didn't gamble at all, then I came back to Jersey and one of the first things I did was gamble. hilarious) and then walked down to the board walk. Went to the arcade and nearly had a heart attack! Everything was changed around and at first I thought they took away the skeeball machines. But then I found them. Phew! Played some skeeball and then walked back to the hotel, checked in and carried our stuff up to the room. Mom and AC arrived shortly thereafter (they were early for once!) and so I helped them unpack a bit as well. We then called the Veils to see there status and learned that they had just left! So, we played some Pinochle! Yay! Had dinner and then crazy storms started. POURING rain (I had nearly forgotten what rain was like) and crazy intense thunder and lightning. Would've been cool except we were a bit worried about the Veils cause they hadn't arrived yet. But then they did! And the surprise could not have been better. Thanks to all for helping to keep it a secret!! Katherine's face was absolutely priceless. 😊 It was marvelous. Lots of hugs were exchanged and we talked for a bit, had some peach pie (yay!) then shower and sleep. Oh, I had bought 4 lottery tickets, and 2 of them were winners! So I ended up getting 3 more, but no more winners so I stopped.

Most of the Cape May vacation was spent playing games, shopping, laughing, going to the beach, and eating lots and lots of Rita's. In the week I was home I managed to go to Rita's 4 times! Yay! It was absolutely marvelous. I had kiwi strawberry, a free Mango Gelati, georgia peach, and when back in L'ville I got Fudge Brownie, about an hour before I headed to the airport! It was the perfect end to the vacation. Anyway, I had a wonderful time. I had to laugh because on Monday, there was an excessive heat warning... and it was like 94 degrees. ha. ha. ha. Granted, there was humidity, but still. With that it felt like 103. Which is still nothing. 😊 Went to the beach monday and tuesday nights. It was so incredibly perfect. Lying in the sun on the sand, listening to the waves and going in the ocean (which was perfect temperature. a little too calm for my liking, but it was still nice). Walked on the beach and sat in a life guard stand enjoying the waves on wednesday night. Then friday morning I walked along the beach with Carol, while Katherine made a lovely sand castle (using plastic containers I might add. before bringing them home to recycle. I love my cousins!). All and all it was a marvelous week. Many laughs were had. I spent way too much money, but so it goes. I bought myself many nice things. lol And managed to get a few things for other people. lol. Oh! And Katherine and I had our first Guitar Hero experience in the arcades. I had watched it before but never played. It was quite fun, once we got the hang out it! 😊 Some fantastic pictures were taken as well. Good times. Also, monday night I got to have some Jersey pizza, which was also lovely. 😊 And some DQ. And fresh Jersey tomatoes, peppers, peaches, and blueberries! Yay! The only thing I didn't have was corn. So I think I did pretty well, considering I was home for about 6 days! 😊

Friday we drove back (of course, the weather was gorgeous. it was so sad leaving. but I'm just glad I got to be there at all!) and went straight to AC's house to play some more Pinochle. Then had dinner at our favorite chinese place. Back at home, unpacked the car, showered and then drove to pick up carolyn and headed to Jane's house! It was so incredibly wonderful seeing Carolyn and Jane and Jess! Jane drove us to TJ's so we could get some curly fries (yet another marvelous Jersey thing I was able to have while home) in her fancy new car! I'm still in shock. ;-) It was so great. Yay Jane driving! We then ate the fries, Jane told us some stories from China and then we watched Charlie Bartlett, which was quite good. It had its moments, thats for sure. It was entertaining. 😊 And it was just so nice hanging out with them. Wish Cletus could've been there, but overall it was a wonderful evening. Back at home I wasn't tired so I went online for a bit before bed.

Saturday I went to the library to see a photo gallery of pics a local man took from many national parks out west (stunning) and to see mom of course. Got some postcard stamps (finally!) and then watched some taped programs with dad, one of which was on Death Valley. Very cool. Had lunch, then went to Rita's one last time, with Jane and Jess and Carolyn! Perfect end to the perfect week. AC drove me to Philly and my flight was on time and everything went smoothly. I finished Pygmy (it was good, although definitely not my favorite. but I liked it more than Haunted) and started Survivor.

Claire picked me up from the airport and Gloria and Julia came with her! We then went out into Vegas for the night! Luckily I had slept some on the plane, so I actually wasn't tired. Had a lot of fun. Went to many many new places, which was exciting. Started out going to the Rockhouse, a club near Harrah's, which was actually pretty cool. They had good music anyways. Very loud and such though. But fun. Then eventually made our way over to Mandalay Bay and went to the House of Blues Lounge, where we had a wonderful view of Vegas (speaking of which, flying into Vegas at night was definitely interesting... so so many lights. So many things visible from so far up in the air. sad). And extremely comfortable chairs. We didn't sit in them too long cause we didn't want to fall asleep! lol. Went to Eye Candy briefly. Music was decent but it was really really crowded (we think something must have been going on in Mandalay Bay that night. Definitely more people in Eye Candy than I've ever seen before) so we didn't stay long. Then went to Mix, another club at the top of Mandalay Bay. Again, great view. Some very awesome break dancing occurred so that was fun to watch. We stayed there for a bit and then were beginning to fade so we left and headed back to the apartment. All in all a fun night back in Vegas. 😊

I'll leave you with this happy news... my new camera arrived!!! So, expect some pictures in the next entry. 😊 Woo!


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