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North America » United States » New Hampshire July 25th 2015

Thursday We’re losers. The lotto ticket was worthless. I guess we should have bought it at the Dunkin Donuts the first day. After eating at Panera bread, I fill my big glass with a giant diet Pepsi. Guess where it ends up? Luckily it lands in the multiple cups holds so there is not too much damage but it did take a while to clean up. This morning’s drive was heading inland and we saw barns, trees and rural scenery. I worked on the blog in back seat. Our first stop was Concord NH (the capital). We made mom walk around the lovely downtown and capital. We saw statues, a fake liberty bell (bell painted with the crack) at the capital. There was a clock tower with bell that the hammer struck on the hour and ... read more

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Loudon June 23rd 2015

Months to weeks, weeks to days, days to hours, hours to minutes and minutes to seconds the journey begins in 5 hours on the drive to Boston to get to the plane. I'm excited for the plane ride because my dad looked and saw there is TVs with movies like the new Cinderella movie, the SpongeBob movie sponge out of water and lots more but I will miss my dad and grandpa and aunt when I'm there. It is 4:33 pm and we leave to Boston at 9:45.... read more

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Loudon June 23rd 2015

Took the kids to the airport for a 1:55 AM flight out of Boston which is going directly to Hong Kong. I would later find out that the flight came into Hong Kong one hour early, at 4:45 AM (I guess that is possible when your flight was originally 16 hours long), can you say "tail wind"... For those of you who do not know, there is a 12 hour time difference when traveling to China (can you say "International Date Line"). Apparently, wife and daughter had breakfast at McDonalds in Hong Kong and I heard that pancakes were on the menu... Later, after a three hour layover, the kids would be back on another plane for a one hour flight to Guangzhou (the capitol of Xiaoyan's parent’s province). Upon arriving in Guangzhou and retrieving their ... read more
My two kids again...

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Loudon June 22nd 2015

The trip is slowly coming in 1 day. It is making me very nervous but excited I'm full of suspense and sadness at the same time thinking of this trip but I'm kind of excited of the journey to come. I hope the trip goes well and I have things to tell when I come back which is...Lol. I don't know what to say because I still don't know what will happen but My mom and I will take you along.... read more

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Loudon June 21st 2015

I have to carry this big and heavy luggage all the way to China. I do not want to carry a biggggg thing to China it will probably be tiring and heavy. I hope it will be easy to pull... At lease. It's the count down to go only... 2 days until the adventure begins to China. My mom and me (Aka Makayla that little baby you saw before has grown up) will be EXPLORERS together. This very second I'm nervous of the adventure but I'm keeping my head high in thought of the journey to come...... in 2 days. We leave Tuesday night to head to Boston, MA to get to the airport and set off.... read more
My Backpack/Carry On

Well, the packing is done, the mail put on hold, and everything is in order. We are ready to travel! Clothing selection was difficult, as the temperatures where we are traveling seem to be all over the place, as a typical Spring usually is. That meant packing heavier clothing all the way down to shorts and tee shirts. We all decided it was better not to over pack as we plan on doing laundry every few days when it is available at the campground. We women have also been busy preparing menues, and the shopping list for all the necessary items we will need to purchase at our first stop, a super Walmart. As we're working on getting together our "required" equipment, Jan presented us with a "Bear Bell". Apparently you're supposed to wear it, and ... read more

Well here we are back in New Hampshire, and less than two weeks away from our departure. Before leaving Florida, the group got together for a final meeting and review of the route we will be taking. Unfortunately, today we learned that one of the couples will be unable to make the trip due to illness. We will miss them, as they have been on all of our other adventures. The excitement is certainly building with the other remaining couples, . We have been checking the temperatures along our travel route and have been pleasently surprised to see that they are not as cold as we anticipated. Very excited to learn today that the gondola at Lake Louise will be open when we get there, as well as the Maligne Lake boat trip to Spirit Island. ... read more

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Lincoln January 16th 2015

I am happy to report that we have had a successful vacation and still have a day left to ski. We met the conditions for a successful vacation yesterday when Dave completely tired me out. There we were, skiing at The Great Glen Nordic Center - home to 45 km of groomed trails. We had skied most of the trails - though I don't think close to 45 kms - and there were two trails left. Thumper and Peacemaker. I was defeated by Thumper. I could have done it I am sure, but was really too tired to think it was a good idea. As it was, it took most of what I had left to ski back to the Nordic Center. Thank goodness it was Thumper that did me in and not Fuzzbottom or Hairball. ... read more

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Lincoln January 14th 2015

We are a couple of days into our first ever ski trip to New Hampshire and wanted to give you all an update on how it is going. Even though it is cold here - minus zero overnight and between 9 and 16 during the day, it does feel slightly balmy coated to the Quad Cities. And we have been lucky enough to either have no wind or to be able to ski in the woods and get out of the wind. The forecast for the week does warm up into the high teens and mid twenties, so we at looking forward to that. Our plan is to cross country ski, do at least one day of snow boarding and do some fat tire biking. We are waiting for the warmer weather to do anything but ... read more
The Ski Lodge at Bretton Woods
Look at that snow plow
We got the camera timer to work!

North America » United States » New Hampshire November 11th 2014

I hate packing. I don't hate it necessarily because packing = change. I hate packing, because it means going through everything you own. Yes, everything. It is incredible the amount of... stuff... can be accumulated without even realizing it. There's the normal stuff... clothes, bedding, furniture, towels, dishes, etc... and for me, books. How on earth did I come to own so many books?? And going through the boxes... yes, boxes... of the books I owned, I realized that I don't even remember buying or coming to possess most of them. Where did they all come from?? You're guess is as good as mine... One of the worst things about packing is the inevitable decision making of what to keep and what to throw away or sell. I'm a bit of a hoarder... I don't like ... read more

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