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The excitement is building for our departure next Saturday for our trip to Alaska. Since Ray and I just arrived back in New Hampshire last week it has been a busy week of packing, and the Spring clean up of the yard. We have completed all of the reservations at the campgrounds we enjoy that tend to fill up quickly, and have reserved a car rental for our Yellowstone visit. The boys, however, have been on a cruise (of course) and will be arriving back in Naples tomorrow. Being that packing is so grueling they will probably hire someone to pack for them. We will be meeting up with them at the airport in Minneapolis where we are booked for the 4:30 bus to Forest City, Iowa, then the fun will begin!... read more

Okay folks there seems to be a problem and I am testing this blog... read more

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Bartlett September 21st 2023

Todays agenda was to go up Mt Washington. That’s the main reason we came back to this area. But first Ed wanted to visit the local fly shop as it was closed when we stopped earlier. The suto road to Mt Washington was only 14 miles from town so it didn’t take long to get there. We decided to take the van tour up the mountain and back. Our Suburban was loaded and too heavy to make the drive down the mountain. The trip up isn’t so hard but coming back down is so steep and winding that you have to stop several times to cool your brakes and they don’t let heavy, loaded vehicles make the trip. Our driver was awesome and very informative. He’s been making this drive for about 20 years. He made ... read more
Warning sign
Going up the mountain
Road ahead with steep drop off

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Bartlett September 20th 2023

Today we got up, had breakfast, then Karen and I headed out with Ed looking for a place to get into the river. The bank at our place was pretty steep and after all the rain there was a good bit more water. We drove down our road, looked at all the houses and learned our road eventually was a dead end. We didn’t find one place to get in the river, which turned away from the road at one point. We went out to the main road and found a bridge over the river which looked like you could get to the stream easily. Sadly it was posted no fishing, no swimming, no trespassing. However there was an old covered bridge which had been converted into a gift shop. We thought we’d go in the ... read more
Covered Bridge Gift Shoppe
Covered Bridge Gift Shoppe
Hurricane Mountain Road

North America » United States » New Hampshire » North Conway September 19th 2023

This morning we got up and guess what….it stopped raining!!!!! You know it only rained one day but it was cold and wet and raining real hard!!! We were supposed to have good weather the remainder of the time we were in North Conway. We drove to town as Ed needed a fishing license. He also wanted to go to a fly shop he heard about. Sadly it was closed on Tuesdays. We learned we could get his license at Wal Mart so that’s where we headed but first there was an LL Bean Outlet here in town. You’d think we’d had our fill of LL Bean but apparently not. Ed, Terry, and I were the real shoppers. Karen, not too much. I thought this store had better merchandise and was better organized than the one ... read more
Neat Coca Cola lamp
Becki and talking moose
Ed and talking moose

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Jackson September 18th 2023

You may recall, that I left you all with a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of the last episode. How far away was Hurricane Lee? Would it hit Mount Desert Island before the Famous Four managed to get away? Would they all be stranded at the Kimball Terrace Inn and would they all have to hunker down in one room and listen to the wind whistling through the crack in Steve & Lily's balcony door? These questions and many more will be answered in this next thrilling episode of Gone with the Wind, meets The Perfect Storm, meets Twister and starring Claude Rains (yes he was a British actor from the 30s and 40s) playing Steve Forbes, Hurricane Higgins (in his acting debut) playing Paul Kilby, Michelle Gayle (once of Eastenders) playing Lily Forbes ... read more
Covered Bridge 2
Nestlenook View 1
Nestlenook View 2

North America » United States » New Hampshire » North Conway September 18th 2023

Rain, rain go away!!! This was a day of rain, rain, Rain!! It started raining when I went outside to start loading the car….It never stopped!!! Today was a travel day from Freeport, Maine to North Conway, New Hampshire. This is the cabin Terry pick out because of the fishing stream in the backyard. It wasn’t a long trip (only about 2 hours) but it was going to rain all the way there. On top of that, because of his injury, Terry wasn’t going to be able to fish!! When we left our barn apartment, we drove into Freeport. I noticed a McDonalds there that was in a house and I wanted to check it out. Of course it was raining. I got a few pictures but didn’t go inside. It was a neat place and ... read more
Unique McDonalds
Unique McDonalds
Driving in the rain!

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Plymouth September 6th 2023

Well, all of our reservations have been made and we are ready to go. One week from today we will be heading off to Paris, France to pick up our van and head off on our European adventures. Sending off this short blog so that we can check to make sure you are all receiving the blog. If you receive it, please click on “comment”, and let me know.... read more

Well, this is the closing blog from our trip to Nova Scotia. We left our campsite in New Brunswick Thursday morning to a beautiful day. We initially thought about staying the night near Bangor, ME, where we camped on our way to Nova Scotia 10 days ago, but after realizing it was only less than 2 hours away, we decided to just keep going and stay further south. Crossing the border, we stopped at US Customs and a very pleasant woman checked out our paperwork and asked if we had any fruits or vegetables. Told her that we had eaten most everything we d bought, but she wanted to come aboard and check. Looking in the fridge, she spotted the egg carton with two eggs left. She said that was not allowed and took them. I ... read more

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Bethlehem October 20th 2022

This entry has taken a while to be able to write and is dedicated to our sweet prince Tarragon. We unfortunately lost him on September 13, at 1:30-pm and he went on his last journey without us. Tarragon came to us 13 years ago, he was a stray that ruled Stanton Street in Portland, Oregon. It was pretty clear to us that his former family had abandoned him, as when he finally came in the house 4 months later, he was perfectly trained. It did take him a year to trust us enough to give us the honor of petting him, but from then on, the three of us were inseparable. Those of you that have followed this blog have heard many stories of his travels with us. Domestically, he almost always traveled with us. We ... read more
Adair Country Inn 2020
The White Mountains

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