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North America » United States » New Hampshire » Lincoln January 16th 2015

I am happy to report that we have had a successful vacation and still have a day left to ski. We met the conditions for a successful vacation yesterday when Dave completely tired me out. There we were, skiing at The Great Glen Nordic Center - home to 45 km of groomed trails. We had skied most of the trails - though I don't think close to 45 kms - and there were two trails left. Thumper and Peacemaker. I was defeated by Thumper. I could have done it I am sure, but was really too tired to think it was a good idea. As it was, it took most of what I had left to ski back to the Nordic Center. Thank goodness it was Thumper that did me in and not Fuzzbottom or Hairball. ... read more

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Lincoln January 14th 2015

We are a couple of days into our first ever ski trip to New Hampshire and wanted to give you all an update on how it is going. Even though it is cold here - minus zero overnight and between 9 and 16 during the day, it does feel slightly balmy coated to the Quad Cities. And we have been lucky enough to either have no wind or to be able to ski in the woods and get out of the wind. The forecast for the week does warm up into the high teens and mid twenties, so we at looking forward to that. Our plan is to cross country ski, do at least one day of snow boarding and do some fat tire biking. We are waiting for the warmer weather to do anything but ... read more
The Ski Lodge at Bretton Woods
Look at that snow plow
We got the camera timer to work!

North America » United States » New Hampshire November 11th 2014

I hate packing. I don't hate it necessarily because packing = change. I hate packing, because it means going through everything you own. Yes, everything. It is incredible the amount of... stuff... can be accumulated without even realizing it. There's the normal stuff... clothes, bedding, furniture, towels, dishes, etc... and for me, books. How on earth did I come to own so many books?? And going through the boxes... yes, boxes... of the books I owned, I realized that I don't even remember buying or coming to possess most of them. Where did they all come from?? You're guess is as good as mine... One of the worst things about packing is the inevitable decision making of what to keep and what to throw away or sell. I'm a bit of a hoarder... I don't like ... read more

North America » United States » New Hampshire November 4th 2014

Less than 4 weeks. That's how much time I have left before leaving everything, and every one, I know and moving - quite literally - to the other side of the world. To a country where I don't know the language. To a city where I don't know a single person. To a school where I will likely be the only American / English teacher. To a place where, for the first time, I will live in a place that is 100% my own. I can't even begin to count how many times I have been asked: "Are you nervous?" or "Are you scared?" To be 100% honest: yes. Of course I'm nervous. For the first time in my life, I am moving - by myself - to a place where I have no connections or ... read more

North America » United States » New Hampshire » North Conway November 2nd 2014

Boston to Portland, Maine Its downtown on the Metro to pick up the car we have hired for 2 weeks to travel New England and enjoy the changing colours of the autumn foliage that the area is famous for. It’s ‘rush hour’ at Alamo as there are queues out of the door. However, they process folks pretty quick & we are soon on our way out of central Boston. This is when we realise that the city and its neighbourhoods go on forever. It’s a bit dismal and raining as we take Route 1 out of town. We stop at Newburyport for a quick break and pop into the Plum Island Coffee Roasters café by the sea. It’s a great location and the coffee is good. Soon we are travelling into New Hampshire and the scene ... read more
Whetstone Station, Brattleboro, Vermont
Boothbay Harbour view from the town
View from the hairpin, Mohawk Trail

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Holderness September 11th 2014

Now that my trip is over, I've taken the time to compile a list of the best and worst of several different categories. See it below! FOOD BEST: Prague's meat is always tender and surprisingly cheap. I wouldn't suggest it for vegetarians, but meat-lovers won't find a better city for their appetite. WORST: We ate Dutch food in Amsterdam for lunch on our first full day there. We didn't eat true Dutch food again, or if we did, we thought it was some other ethnicity's food. That should tell you all you need to know. MOST OVERRATED: The food in Rome was, to be honest, wholly underwhelming. I found the pasta to be not dissimilar to that which I can get in the US, and I've had better bread from a grocery store. Their gelato was ... read more

North America » United States » New Hampshire » North Conway October 22nd 2013

Hi folks What a wonderful drive .... we set off early morning yesterday and took all day in beautiful autumn sunshine to drive along the Kancamagus Highway and then in a loop north from Woodstock , Franconia State Park and back via Crawford Notch and Bartlett , then along Bear Notch Road to our base in North Conway (- probably about 120 miles ) There are many scenic overlooks and waterfalls and hikingtrails along the way....beautiful mountain views and colours of the trees all along the route. The best hike of the day was Flume Gorge - where a basalt dike has cut into the granite at a geological fault and as it erodes more quickly than granite there is a steep sided canyon with the river running through. Wooden walkways and steps enable you to ... read more
Crawford Notch (1)
Crawford Notch (2)
Flume Gorge, Franconia State Park

North America » United States » New Hampshire » North Conway October 22nd 2013

Once again we have struck lucky with our choice of places to stay...this week we are based in North Conway in a timeshare unit at Eastren Slope Inn. It is an old American Historic Building - very quaint and we have a nice two floor condo in the main hotel building. It's a great location as it is right on Main Street and there are lots of great cafes, restaurants, shops to see on our doorstop. But I am getting ahead of myself - we had a good drive here from the Cape - 280 miles - we started off along the KIngs Highway along the Cape ( a slower road but very picturesque with quaint villages and houses dotted all along this )and we decided not to drive back through Boston but took a wide ... read more
Cantabury Shaker Village (1)
Cantabury Shaker Village
Cantabury Shaker Village

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Jackson October 13th 2013

Saturday:A misty start to the day saw us catch the 10.30am Conway Scenic Steam Train - we took an open carriage on the outward leg, but let sense rule on the way and sat in a closed carriage. The trip was only 55 mins, but there was plenty of enthusiastic whistle blowing and between the commentary we were treated to a variety of American mountain music - fiddle, banjo & accordion! Afterwards we were soon taking advantage of much needed hot coffee and muffins!! Next on the itinerary was the Kancamagus Highway - a 35 miles stretch of road known for its scenery and foliage. It was a delight, and the icing on the cake was our bursting into sunshine and blue skies as we passed over a pass halfway along. We stopped at many viewpoints ... read more
BlogKancamagusRdView (640x480)
BlogGlennEllisWaterfall (480x640)
BlogPumpkinMan (640x480)

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Jackson October 12th 2013

Friday After a fond farewell to Rockport and some useful travelling advice from our host, we set off for the penultimate stage of our travels. When you buy petrol in Blighty, you fill up and then pop into the kiosk and pay - not over here. In this state certainly, you need to either pay by credit card before topping up or (as I eventually did) wander over to the kiosk and pay cash for your petrol and then go back and fill up. I guess this puts a top firmly on so called drive-offs. We enjoyed a leaf peeping 3hr drive, amusing ourselves with such signs as 'Avoid Moose - You'll Come Off Worse'. Courtesy of a friendly and talkative Tourist Information Officer we by-passed Conway - this had 3 pluses: avoiding the traffic jam, ... read more
BlogRoomWithView (640x480)
BlogSwimmingPoolView (640x480)

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