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Published: June 5th 2010
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Quick update for y'all!

Set out from New Port onto the Clyde River, oh actually we got a ride over the first section of it because it didn't sound like fun (or safe) and we didn't want to walk. Got to Salem Pond and little Salem Pond and then started UP the Clyde. Didn't make it as far as we wanted but got to a little town and bunked down for the night behind a little convenient store and got ready for the rain! Which came later that night and poured on into the next day! We hurried up and packed up during a break in the rain and ate breakfast at the store. Then onto the Clyde for a very wet day. But made it to Island Pond where Brian fell in love with ice cream! Haha We had some Giffords which is a small ice cream company out of Maine! Delicious! Crossed Island Pond to a State Park to camp.

Next day we got up and got a ride down part of the Nulheegan river. And then walked the rest of it because it was too shallow to run. We tried hitching a ride but had no luck until about 2 miles from the town we were going to, to catch the next river. Had some lunch and tried to stock up on food, but really they just had a small convenient store which they called a grocery store. Got onto the Conneticut River which we were going with the current and made some miles to a small camp spot. Down river was nice but did not last long enough!!

Today we woke up to more rain and were lazy till we heard it let up a little. Jumped out and got back on the river. Finished the Conneticut and started up the Ammounsac (not sure how to spell that). We stopped in another town just now but doesn't have much in it! I always think these towns or villages will have stuff in them, but then they don't. Oh well. We have food. But we were hoping for a diner for some hot breakfast. No luck!

Looks like more rain for the next few days! Really just hoping that the weatherman got it wrong and it's going to be sunny the next few days! We'll see. We have two more rivers that we have to go up and then we get into Maine which sounds beautiful! And we either have lakes or downstream rivers! Woo hoo! It should only take us a few days to get through New Hampshire!

We've realized this isn't really a trail, more like an experience at least when you through paddle it. You run into a lot of stuff that is unrunnable and have to find a way around. I think the best way to experience it fully is to section paddle and do the section at the right time of year (and go downstream on everything). Anyways hoping i can at least find a hot cup of coffee here!



5th June 2010

Thanks for the update
Hi Whit, It's great to read your blogs. I've been telling all of my friends and anyone else I meet about what you two are doing and you are the absolute envy of every woman I tell. There is not one woman who has said that she thinks she could do what you're doing and survive. So, you've get the respect! Hope you guys get a few warm, dry days and have lots of fun. Love you, Carla
7th June 2010

we're "here"
We spent thursday night in Old Forge. We're in Lake Placid now..using the library's computer. We will try to find you and probably call your cell. It's only 60 degrees here today and supposedly going down to 38 tonight. We pray for your safety every day. Love, Uncle Bob and Vivian
8th June 2010

You two amaze me!
Well hello! I have just now been able to sit down and read your blog (all the way through!) - it sounds like quite an adventure!! What great memories you two are making - I think it's wonderful. This BLOG is a fantastic idea. I haven't figured out how to see your pictures yet - but I will give it another look when I finish here. I hope you two continue enjoying your adventure (for the most part anyways...some of it sounds exhausting!!!) and please be safe! I look forward to reading your next entry. Paddle on... - Heidi
8th June 2010

Great reading! Thanks for the play by play. Sounds like you guys are having an awesome experience. Took my canoe out to Gunlock "Pond" last sunday with my wife and 2 dogs. Had a blast. I did all the paddling with a Kayak paddle. It worked really sweet! Can't wait to hear more of your adventure. Pam, Dave and I are really excited for you. Right on Ahab and Starbuck! May the winds be with you!
15th June 2010

man i wish i could come along just for the ice cream! yum yum yum

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