Trip to Maine and New Hampshire

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Some pictures from our trip to Maine and New Hampshire. The nature scenery is the real star here.

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The HMS BountyThe HMS Bounty
The HMS Bounty

This ship was built for the 1962 version of the film "Mutiny on the Bounty" with Marlon Brando. It's still seaworthy. In the distance you can see the dry dock at the Bath Iron Works.
Max and Hallie on the BountyMax and Hallie on the Bounty
Max and Hallie on the Bounty

We caught the HMS Bounty while it was docked at the Maritime Museum in Bath, Maine.
Susan, Hallie, and LarrySusan, Hallie, and Larry
Susan, Hallie, and Larry

An intrepid crew for the HMS Bounty.
Hallie at the helmHallie at the helm
Hallie at the helm

This wheel is actually famous for showing up in a number of Hollywood movies. Clark Gable and John Wayne, among others, have played captain with it.
Max on deckMax on deck
Max on deck

The ship also showed up in one of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, so naturally I had to strike a pirate pose.
Max and Hallie at the BountyMax and Hallie at the Bounty
Max and Hallie at the Bounty

Check out the person on the far left. The ship is scrubbed and maintained just like in the old days.
On the trail in New HampshireOn the trail in New Hampshire
On the trail in New Hampshire

Hallie at a brook while hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
Max and NatureMax and Nature
Max and Nature

Still looking fresh on the first hike of the afternoon.
Greeley PondsGreeley Ponds
Greeley Ponds

Reaching a pretty, isolated spot like this one makes the hike worth it.
Brought to you by PollyBrought to you by Polly
Brought to you by Polly

Specializing in stone ground pancake mix and maple syrup straight from the farm.
Hallie on the tracksHallie on the tracks
Hallie on the tracks

The old railroad in the White Mountains is still used for a touring train.
The summit of Mt. WillardThe summit of Mt. Willard
The summit of Mt. Willard

The view makes it all worth it.
Hallie at Rocky GorgeHallie at Rocky Gorge
Hallie at Rocky Gorge

Just one of the many natural wonders of the White Mountains.

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