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August 17th 2010
Published: August 17th 2010
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When we left the Adriondaks, we headed to new Hampshire, via the white mountains. We wanted to stop and visit our friends from Florida that live there in the summer. Our first stop was right on the shore of Lake Champlaign. We enjoyed the night breeze off the lake, but it did get chilly later in the evening. The campfire felt really good. We crossed Vermont quickly. I have a hard time getting used to states you can cross in a couple hours. We managed to stop at a really great farm stand where we got real maple syrup, sweet corn, green beans and some really great tomatoes.

We visited Rob and Marion for three days, Marion is a good cook, and we ate there two nights, One day the girls went to an art and craft show, while Rob and I went out on his boat. They are right on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee. (sp) This is a huge deep lake.
We went around only a couple of bays, but it took us four hours, most at speeds of about 20mph.

Our next segment will be on our exploration of The Maine coastal region


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