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North America » United States » Nevada » Sparks October 25th 2016

The Real Reason we went to Reno About a month ago we were in Sacramento and there were gigantic billboards along the road telling us that “The Golden Boys” were going to have a concert in Reno. Now, some of you may not be old enough to know who these guys are but… my poor husband has heard the story of “my bedroom” when I was 16-17 years old many times… what does my bedroom have to do with anything? Well, its 1963 I’m living in Sacramento, California and going to school at Bella Vista High in Fair Oaks. I read “Teen” magazine and am “in love” with Fabian. Who is that you ask... well only the cutest guy ever and a Teen Idol. Every time I would get a Teen magazine I would tear out ... read more
Jean  Nugget Ballroom
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North America » United States » Nevada » Sparks October 24th 2016

Train to Sacramento, over Donner Pass and into Reno, Nevada 6:15 am and we're having coffee in the pitch black, in the car, in a parking lot off the Union Pacific Railroad tracks in Fresno, California. I am crying. At 6 am Cope dropped me off at the front door of the train station and waited, while I ran in to get a parking permit so we could leave the car in the fenced parking lot next to the station. Made my way across the dimly lit exterior of the building and into the brightly lit waiting room. Lots of folks in line… old, young, those who looked more affluent and those who looked less so. Looked like the united nations of train depots. Long snaking line to get to the ticket agents but it was ... read more
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North America » United States » Nevada » Sparks May 16th 2016

Day: 29/30 Distance: 10,837 When last we left our intrepid voyager he was in Crescent City, California. He realized he needed to travel more distance if he wanted to be home Thursday and keep his wife happy (as he has already extended the trip by a week). His conundrum is how to do that and enjoy the views at the same time. Fortunately he is adept at taking photos while driving down the road. He is only slightly more dangerous than someone in a texting argument via phone. So with careful consideration, perhaps he'll minimize photo taking unless absolutely necessary. Alright, enough 3rd person. Right now I am sitting in a service waiting area at a Buick Dealership in Reno after visiting a Costco for a tire rotation. I've some issues with the car unfortunately. Fortunately, ... read more
By Blue Lake
In Lassan National Forest
In my camp

North America » United States » Nevada » Sparks August 19th 2011

Reno is truly the biggest little city as you can get around quickly while covering a lot of territory UNTIL you get off the expressway and then you discover they have the longest traffic lights ever. They also have the highest “room tax” we've discovered (since they affix it to our RV daily rate) 13.5 %. Motto= Soak the tourist since they don't vote! We've enjoyed the people and ability to get things done: RV fixed, car brakes repaired. The last time we were in Nevada we had the pickup truck's brakes repaired. Is it something about the mountains to get here? Today we had a wonderful auto trip around Lake Tahoe, experiencing the tourism flux looking for a parking place and the beauty of picnicking beside this beautiful lake. By mid afternoon we'd returned to ... read more

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