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May 1st 2009
Published: May 1st 2009
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Sharpening my chain
Hello from somewhere between Reno, Lake Tahoe and Carson City, NV! I really wish I knew where I was right now, but I won't dwell on the fact that I have no clue where I am as it's really not that important.

I am going to attempt to sum up my life in a few paragraphs, however the insane lifestyle that I am currently living might be too hard to put into comprehensible words.

Currently I am working with chainsaws removing fuels for forest fires in a park over looking Lake Tahoe, NV. Thats right, my job is using a chainsaw to cut brush and fell trees 6,000ft above sea level in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Lake Tahoe. My work week is Monday - Thursday, giving me a wonderful 3 day weekend, YAY! During the week I reside in a little cabin on top of a 8,300ft mountain, it is cold and snowy and ironic that the first time I am experiencing winter this year, it is spring back home. On weekends I have the pleasure of camping, hm there is not much more to elaborate on that, camping is camping no matter where

Cutting some brush
you are.

For those of you who haven't heard, my life has been completely chaotic since February when I was given a team of 10 people to lead. One of our Field Team Leaders resigned from the program and somehow I was the lucky one chosen to take over Silver 5, my new team. At first I wasn't really digging the change of pace from being on my own doing office work, to being the equivalent to a single mother of 9 needy children the same age as me; however, as time has progressed, I am really happy that I was placed in this situation and given the opportunity to get out into the field again. Being a Team Leader is by far the most challenging job that I have ever had, and wish that you were all here to experience this part of my life with me so you would have the chance witness first hand what I mean. At times I am the happiest person in the world, other times I wish I could curl up into a little ball and be transported back home to my warm bed with fleece sheets in a nice, safe, comfortable

Bucking a log
place. However, the only way for me to learn and grow is to break out of all comfort zones and life life on the edge. This job is a character builder and boy have I grown-up in the last 3 months.

In April my team and I became class- A chainsaw certified, and type-2 wildland firefighters, and mid-June will be deployed to work with the U.S Forest Service in one of the National Parks near Sacramento digging lines and preventing the spread of forest fires. Wow, what have I gotten myself into?:-D

So that is a basic, general synopsis of my life currently. I love it and wouldn't change any part of it for the world!

Until the next time I stumble upon free wi-fi...


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My office!
Burn PileBurn Pile
Burn Pile

Climbing up a burn pile.

Jumping on the burn pile.

I work up on that hill.
Silver 5Silver 5
Silver 5

Me and my children.

1st May 2009

Where's my little girl?
Team leader, chainsaws, firefighting? What an education in life. I never had any doubt that you'd do anything less than meet the challenge and succeed. I can just picture how beautiful it is up there. I'm sure you're taking lots of pictures (I hope). Enjoy the experience and be safe while doing so. I keep getting more and more proud of you. Miss you and love you and looking forward to your visit home. Pops
2nd May 2009

My dad will love it when you're back can help him take down some trees in the backyard!
2nd May 2009

about time
It's about time you sent another blog! I missed them. Are you scolded enough now? It is so interesting hearing of your activities. Did you ever think you would be doing this kind of thing? All the more power to you. I'm sure proud of you. Love, Other Mother
2nd May 2009

And your team LOVES you! You forgot to mention that. You're an awesome Team Leader!!!!
3rd May 2009

Congratulations on your new leadership role—You'll be great! I'm so proud of your willingness to stand up and do the uncomfortable, knowing its the right thing to do. May the Lord bless you.
5th May 2009

What goes around...?
Wasn't firefighting what you were hoping to do at the start of your Americorp adventure almost two years ago? No doubt, you are great at what you are doing and leaving a lasting message with each of your 'children'. I applaud your embracing each and every experience with enthusiasm. Can't wait to see you - can we do mom and daughter coffee?

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