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North America » United States » Nevada » Pahrump April 28th 2016

It was raining...oh no, not today...we are about to go on a road trip for some wine tasting...15 minutes later...hooray! rain went away...great views on our way to the first vineyard...Pahrump Valley Winery...the architecture is Mission had a restaurant but I felt it was pricey...luckily, we brought cheese, crackers/bread, chips, fruits and drinks...great picnic cold as it was a little windy... Next stop is Sanders Family Winery...Italian architecture...great big couches and private area to relax... Then it was exploring the local areas...we found a local casino called Lakeside there was a nice and toasty fireplace...we sat there for hours and chatted... Overall, great wineries and great company...can't wait to do it again...... read more
Welcome to Pahrump Sign
View while driving
View while driving

North America » United States » Nevada » Pahrump February 23rd 2016

Coffee creamer really is one of humanity's low points. I am lactose intolerant but really don't miss milk and therefore cannot understand this awful product. Mix hydrogenated vegetable fats, milk proteins and solidified corn syrup, form a powder... and then ruin good coffee with it. Whilst we were in America we found it everywhere. The reason for this out of the blue rant is that one morning I found a jar that I thought contained sugar and thought it would be a nice change from syrup on my waffles. It turned out to be coffee creamer, tasted awful and gave me an upset stomach for most of the day. We had had another early morning, waking to see the sunrise near the Glen Canyon Dam. We clambered down to find a good view point but it ... read more
The Hoover Dam
The Hoover Dam
Lake Meade

North America » United States » Nevada » Pahrump July 5th 2015

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon for a ladies' day out. My two good friends and little sister joined me for a tour of Pahrump's finest establishments. Pahrump is a little town about an hour outside of Las Vegas, inconsequential to those who have never heard of it. But two of Nevada's four wineries are located there, and offer free tastings. Upon arrival in town, we set out for lunch and found our way to a sports bar on the outskirts of town. The menu offered the basics - burgers, sandwiches, pasta for the hearty folk - but the allure was focused on the employees. The ranch employees, that is. Yes, we were dining at one of Nevada's brothels. Sheri's Ranch offers hotel lodging (no services), a sports bar, and a really good time for those ... read more
My lady friends at Sheri's Ranch
Sheri's Ranch
My sister and me at the Chicken Ranch

North America » United States » Nevada » Pahrump February 3rd 2014

Saturday, 1 February, 2014 Leaving Santee, we drove north to Ramona, a pretty, tidy little town, then east to Julian. The last time we drove through Julian, it was snowing, an unusual occurrence for them. Then, they were loading the school buses to get the students home before the roads got worse. This time it was warm and sunny and there were a lot of people wandering around town, sitting at outdoor restaurants and going in and out of shops. Then, as now, we crept down the steep and winding road to the valley below, but this time no snow. At the bottom is the Anzo Borrega Desert, which looks like you expect desert to look, sandy and dry with not much vegetation. Once through the Anzo Borrega we turned north and drove up the western ... read more
Anzo Borrega Desert
Salton Sea
Joshua Tree National Monument

North America » United States » Nevada » Pahrump December 23rd 2013

Pahrump is about one hour and a half away from Beatty, NV, and about an hour away from Las Vegas. It is a small town that called attention on account of the one winery... which actually turned out to be two, but it provided entertainment for most of a day. There are casinos, one of them includes bowling and other family entertainment. Unlike Beatty, Pahrump has a McDs, an Albertsons, a CVS, a Panda Express, a Walmart... you get my drift... all the solutions for our first-world-problems. More information on the pictures below...... read more
Pahrump Museum
A real bear skin coat
This tree was a twig in Shakespeare's time

North America » United States » Nevada » Pahrump September 25th 2011

This morning, I’m in the town of Tecopa. Most Californians have no idea this town exists, and most residents like it that way. It’s one of several small towns that dot parts of the Mojave Desert. This particular one grew up around a set of hot springs east of Death Valley. Downtown Tecopa consists of two hotels, a large RV park, a really good organic coffee shop, a gun store, a tiny bar, and an artist run gallery selling folk art. Most of these are contained in buildings so weather-beaten they look like they have been here since time began. Surrounding this are seemingly endless desert mountains and the occasional sand dune. Small desert towns in the Mojave mainly attract two types of people, desert survivalists and aging hippies. The hot springs mean this particular town ... read more
Shoshone CA
REAL Nevada gambling

North America » United States » Nevada » Pahrump December 29th 2010

10/18/2010 to 10/25/2010: Pendleton, Oregon: After an easy drive from Wenatchee to Pendleton, we settled in at the KOA for a week of beautiful Fall weather, just perfect for watching the grandsons play football. On Friday we had pizza & presents, sort of an early Christmas. Son Todd and family are avid Minnesota Viking fans and daughter Christina and family are Green Bay Packer fans. When we were in Minnesota this summer, we bought football jerseys for everyone. Turned out to be perfect timing because the Vikings & the Packers played on Sunday, our last night in Pendleton. We all wore our jerseys, ate chilli & cornbread, and watched the game. Great fun. 10/25/2010 to 11/10/2010: Pahrump, Nevada: The weather turned wintery as we pulled out of Pendleton and headed for southern Nevada. Had a nice ... read more
Southern Nevada Scenery
Our view at Pahrump
China Ranch date palms

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