Merry Christmas from Las Vegas!

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December 27th 2015
Published: January 2nd 2016
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• We would like to wish all of you, those who know us and those who read this and we never met, a Merry Christmas. Here we are, back in Las Vegas! I wrote about those who don't know us, as my friend Kym in South Africa told me few week ago a nice story. She had a couple from Spain diving with her dive center few weeks ago. It seems they knew about Aquaplanet in Shelly Beach from my blog, that they read for the first time some five years ago. She told me, and she knows me now pretty well by now how weird is was to dive with people who knew so much about our life, and at the same time had never met us. So here it is, for those who never met us, Merry Christmas.

Christmas in Vegas! I know this is not your dream destination for Christmas...New York would maybe be a wiser choice. But a room in NY is just impossibly expensive around Christmas, and in Las Vegas, they nearly give it to you for free! Whatever, New York is not really in our travel path this year!

We are celebrating Christmas with my parents who have joined us for few days. We are staying 4 days together, than they are going to explore all the canyons national parks that they never visited before. I told them to do it as long as their youth could carry them....after all, isn't Monument Valley one of the most impressive place on earth!

For us, well it is the second visit for Tiffany, and we have stopped to count at 5 visits for Leslie. We had a slightly different schedule this time, as I cannot ask my Dad to run around the Strip walking the way we are used to do! First, had to do some last minute Christmas shopping, as Las Vegas may be for many people a gambling paradise....but on my side, I don't gamble, I shop...from time to time!

So this time, we play the tour guides for the grandparents, showing them the crazy hotels around the strip. We also went to the Cirque du Soleil on the 25th. I didn't take my camera, as it is generally strictly prohibited. We went to see the latest Zarkana show at Aria. One of my favorite so far with Cirque du Soleil....and yes, this time they did allow camera usage without the use of the flash...well, the camera was left in the room.

We slept off the Strip for three nights, and on Christmas Eve we slept at the Venetian. Rooms are cheap for what they are, but the hotel is starting to show some aging. Whatever, I have to admit, after having slept few times at the Bellagio, as well as at Wynn, I still have to find a hotel which can impress me on the Strip!

We made a last discovery for the last dinner of our stay...with a pretty cool Mexican restaurant few miles of the Strip. Where the Grandparents are going for the next week....the best food available is by far Mexican, so the plan was to give them an idea of what is available....I believe this was their first time in a Mexican restaurant!

And this is it...Christmas came...and then it was over...and we are already planning our next Christmas, this time in Lipe, way closer from home. I have to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of Christmas Eve and New year have to celebrate, because everybody else does...I'd rather celebrate all the other days of the year!

Next entry coming with few seriously cool pictures...not that far from Vegas...and a first for us!

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2nd January 2016
Merry Chritmas from all of us!!!

Merry Christmas
3rd January 2016

I'm one of those...
... who has never met you in person but have been reading your blogs and seeing your kids grow up so I do feel as well like I know you. Like you, I also celebrate Christmas because everybody else does and I feel like I have to, but we have never put up a Christmas tree and, every year, I wish I could just go away to somewhere we don't have to spend a fortune in presents and dinners... but my grandmother is old and ill and I don't know how long she'll be around, so I just come back to her place every year because I know she likes it. So, anyway, Happy New Year! As usual, looking forward to the next blog.

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