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July 15th 2012
Published: August 3rd 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Sunday 15th of July I woke to the sound of the lads pratting around as usual, what a bunch of idiots. We were surly going to break something soon. As fun as the wrestling matches were the room was a tip bed springs were going to come through. Casually chucking the American football to each other had apparently turning into who can throw it hardest and still catch it. Better yet they were bouncing it off the walls and kicking it everywhere. I went to the shower in the morning while in there I heard so many bangs and gasps and laughter and they weren't even drunk. When I came out apparently a doubles shinned volley had gone wayward and banged into the wall neatly between the plasma tv and the lamp! They then proceeded to call me the fun police when I put a stop to there daft shenanigans. I'm all up for fun as long as it has no needless cost for damage. Ow and we have all seen the hangover, lots of quotes that's great and funny drunken stuff when we are out not in our hotel. But don't be stupid in our hotel, especially don't take a poo in our own bath on the fourth night, when we're going to be there for at least five more days. Anyway my rant done today we were going to do nothing we chilled around the pool area for a few hours and tanned up as usual. Today I did have one McDonald's burger because it was there and I was hungry. I'm not going to get that unhealthy from one burger am I really. In the afternoon we all went to hertz in the cosmopolitan to organise renting a car for the next day, to go to the grand canyon for Joe's birthday. Afterwards we headed back to the hotel to chill out Skype home eat and swim. There really wasn't much to it pretty standard day to be fair. But usually it would be the evening evens that would give the best laughs. We all got ready headed to the slots, but we all decided that there wouldn't be as much drinking after last night. I was still hanging and it was joes birthday the next day so we had to go big then not on a tonight. But still I was having a good time. The same I'm afraid could not be said for Karl and Steve there nights gambling ended early again after Karl lost another $200 on black or red. Soon after Steve was persuaded by Karl to do the same. Steve put up $200 dollars and quickly lost it. Both boys dragged there sorry tails behind them and went to bed. Michael myself and Joe decided we wouldn't be so wasteful with our money. So we stayed out to lose it more slowly on the $5 blackjack. For a while we were losing some hands and winning others but our night was dragging on and nothing good appeared to be coming from it, or worth our while staying. So we also took ourselves home fairly early via McDonalds to satisfy the fatties inside of us.


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