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July 17th 2010
Published: July 18th 2010
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Today were we off to Las Vegas. It is a 4 hour drive so we loaded up the Beast and headed out towards the highway. It was going to be a long drive but it was exciting to be moving on to our next stop of our trip and we were keen to get there. We drove for about 1 hour and pulled over to get something to eat as the chickies were hungry, we then carried on till we got to highway 15. I must say if you do ever go to Las Vegas take the time out and drive because the views are amazing. The hills and the land is just so vast, it didn’t stop. The highways are just endless. The road went straight for 15 - 20 minutes and the little towns you come across as you travel along it are amazing. When we left I had a look at the outside temp on the car it said 31*C Degrees in L.A. The hottest it got when we were driving in the desert was 45*C so it was pretty hot on the way, but it was well worth the trip. Gotta love air/con baby.....
We got to Vegas just after 1 pm and drove past what seemed like a thousand billboards saying what to do and where to go and play the pokies and gamble, and what steak house was the best. It was cool to see all the big hotels and Casinos, they were like in the movies, it was cool. When we got to the hotel it was nice and hot. The heat was like a dry heat, not like the humid heat we get at home but it was still 42*C so it was still bloody hot. The hotel we are staying at is the Stratosphere. It is located right at the north end of the strip so is a little out of the way, but it does suit us quite well. We checked in and got our bags out and headed up to our room where we unpacked a little. I decided to take the girls out to get a drink and a bite to eat while Abby had a chillout in the room.
After the girls and I got back we all headed out into the hotel to have a look what was here. We checked out the pool were there we heaps of people and a live DJ playing music and a blackjack room we you could have a game. We went inside and there was t-shirt shops, gift shops, hat shops, there was even one of the oxygen rooms were you go and get high and relaxed on oxygen it was full on so many shops to look at, it was crazy.
We soon found the lift up to the tower where we got on and took the lift up to the 107 floor and hopped out to have a walk around and see just how high we were. What a view, it was an amazing view of Las Vegas. The tower is over 855 feet and you get 360 degree views of Las Vegas. It is the tallest building in Vegas so you can’t miss it because you just look for the tower if you get lost. At the top of the tower there are rides that you can go on and they are pretty cool. We’re going to have a go on some of them but the main ride is the Sky jump were you are hooked up to a harness and free fall for over 800 feet at 45-50 mph straight down the tower and stop at the bottom. I still haven’t worked out if I’m going to do it or not. I might need some Q Cement first, and then I'll do it....
We soon headed up the strip to have a look and see all the hotels and the sights of Vegas. It was quite a sight and was blown away by the size of some of the buildings. We went to the Outback Steakhouse which was like going to Hogs Breath but without the curly fries, the meals were not too bad and the service was great. We didn’t realise it till we got in there but it is an Aussie themed restaurant. After dinner we headed back along the strip to the hotel and saw all the glitz and glam of the Las Vegas night life and the all the pubs and clubs full of people it was a bit full on. We got back to the hotel at 11 pm and headed to bed as it had been a long day.

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