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July 15th 2009
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Shame On YouShame On YouShame On You

This is a must stop for you Vegas types
They don't call it the Strip for nothing. And nothing gets more hits on this web site than nudity, topless or otherwise. Vegas has three high end casinos that offer topless bathing. The Mirage, Caesar's Palace and Mandalay Bay now offer "adult" bathing. Their rather dubious explanation is that the casinos want to recreate the atmosphere of European beaches, where topless bathing is almost a requirement.

The downside to these "free" peep shows is a "cover" charge of as much as $30 for women, and $50 for men. Some even required two women for each man at entry. I don't know about you, but if I knew two women that would go to a topless pool with me, I certainly would not BE at the topless pool.

Optional services include private cabanas (who knows what goes on or off inside), massages, and special menus. The lines are long, but worth the wait. And the lobster tacos and ahi tuna bites are worth the wait as well. But I draw the line at topless blackjack or poker. How can I concentrate on the cards or betting?

At least, the clothing optional applies only to women, thank goodness. It is
Heaven or Just Crazy?Heaven or Just Crazy?Heaven or Just Crazy?

The scene is really a scene
a double standard, but what the heck? In Vegas, the enjoyment is part of the thrill. But I saw no restrictions on cell phones, which means" photos ops aplenty. However, I found the best way to see the action is to pretend to fall asleep on a beach recliner. The empty recliners fill up with sunbathers, quicker than a wink. Result: instant peep show.

I am thinking of opening a tanning booth at each of these poolls. Any invenstors out there?

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