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Published: May 26th 2010
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typical to see in Spain-ceilings lined with jamon
Okay, sooooooooo it's been about a week and a half since I left the wonderful city of San Sebastian, and frankly I don't know how I feel about being back! Of course I'm SO happy to see my family who I missed like crazy, and while it is very good to be HOME, it's also very sad. Saying goodbye to everyone was very hard and saying goodbye to my host family was probably one of the hardests goodbyes I've ever had to do. We had a very special relationship that was better than I'd ever expected, and I felt, and still feel, like I am a part of their family forever-everything I wished for with a host family.
It's interesting coming back to the US; we got a letter from the study abroad program warning us about reverse culture shock and how most people don't expect to experience it but how it can be worse than the initial culture shock in the foreign country. While I don't think it's THAT extreme, it's definitely interesting to come back and see your own country and it's customs and practices in a completely different way. I've found myself criticizing things I never thought twice
Bombas con crema y cafe con lecheBombas con crema y cafe con lecheBombas con crema y cafe con leche

One of our many favorite foods of the past 5 months
about before, but at the same time, appreciating many things I took for granted. I just wish I could create the perfect country with a mix of the best from them all!!!
Now it's back to reality... sigh.... getting employed and finding a house for next semester top my priority list. Can't I just go back to Spain already?

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San SabbySan Sabby
San Sabby

I miss it like crazzzzyyy!! =(

this fountain so much for some reason. The real one's in the Louvre in Paris
The Wind CombsThe Wind Combs
The Wind Combs

short walk from my house

all of my favorite people in our favorite bar
Chipirones en su tintaChipirones en su tinta
Chipirones en su tinta

squid in it's ink. This is a tapa in a bar, but my host mom made the BEST squid which quickly became my favorite dish.
Old menOld men
Old men

are so much cuter in the Basque Country
some dudesome dude
some dude

fishing on the "1st bridge"

controversial building where they now hold the big film festival
Just in case you didn't know...Just in case you didn't know...
Just in case you didn't know...

estamos en el Pais Vasco
Parte ViejaParte Vieja
Parte Vieja

the old section of the city

I love this awkward picture of my host parents and me

helping our friend make paella

Save water, drink sidra!
Together againTogether again
Together again

Missed my other half!

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