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North America » United States » Nevada » Black Rock Desert » Burning Man September 5th 2012

Note: This article is written primarily for those who have never been to the Burning Man festival. If you have been, you do not need my advice, and it may not apply to you. In fact, if you're an experienced, hard core "Burner", you will probably disagree with much of what I have written. So, rather than getting irritated, maybe you shouldn't read this, and just enjoy the pictures. I knew Burning Man (from here on - BM) went mainstream when, after my last trip in 2007, I was sitting at the buffet table in the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas (we made the huge mistake of thinking Vegas was kind of close to BM, since both are in Nevada; 12 hours of driving the RV later, we found out Nevada was a big state) next ... read more
A fake capitalist "city" featuring "Bank of UnAmerica", "Goldman Sucks", "Merrill Lynched", etc.
Interactive art installation
Mississippi riverboat art car, made by a team from New Orleans

North America » United States » Nevada » Black Rock Desert » Burning Man September 7th 2010

Burn Baby Burn I just finished an epic journey into the high, dusty Black Rock desert of Nevada to be a part of the the most amazing festival in the world. I'm talking Burning Man 2010 - Metropolis. Over 50,000 people and 10,000 RVs made the annual pilgrimage to the playa - the largest dry lake bed in North America that no one would want to live in for more than a few days. The playa could be considered one of the largest beach parties in the world but there isn't any water and the sand is replaced by fine clay silt - dust - that blows up into huge cyclones and blinding storms. What is amazing about the event is the absurdity of it. Out in the middle of the perfectly flat desert that stretches ... read more
Stilt Bar
Entrance to the Playa
Shaggy Bike

It's that time of year again when the creative people of the world gather together in Black Rock City. We all take time out of our lives to put in the work of making sure we have enough food, water and crazy costumes to get us through the week. A massive stream of convergance happening left and right. This year we decided to have a pre burningman trip in Bishop to try our some bouldering at the Happys, it was a nice way to break up the drive and we got some sweet photos along the way. Fast forward to the next afternoon sitting in line patiently waiting to get into burning man...then all of a sudden, lightning in the distance and rain rain rain...all cars were stopped. At first this was frustrating, but all annoyances ... read more
The Man

Hi! This is Lizzy and Detti from Hungary. Our mission is, to show people how to travel on wheels:). It is possible. Lizzy is a young woman who loves to travel and meet people and also, part of her familly lives in the USA. Lizzy lives in Hungary since 16 years. She was 15 when she moved back with her parents who are originally from there. Lizzy is a young girl in wheelchair. I'm a good friend of her, who help her to travel different places. Together we can make it. I'm Detti. We try to start this blog and share our stories how we travel and how we make dreams come true:). There are many people with physical difficulties, who would love to discover the world, but they think it's something impossible for them, because ... read more

Burning Man 2009 Evolution! So many things to say about Burning man but no description can capture the magic. A helpful tip..go with friends. The people made it so much fun. This was my first burning man and our camp of 8 people made a tree and turned our camp into the garden of eden. We were officially called The garden of the third hole since the year before their theme was a putt putt golf corse and they had the grass left over with the hole in it. I got ready by buying crazy costumes and we stocked up on food and water to last a week and off we went in our huge rental van with our bikes attached to the back. The journey was long but equally fun. We got there and decided ... read more
First Dust Storm
Temple Burn

While they've had internet at Burning Man previous years, this is the first year some BM staff can access wifi as well have dsl piped right into their trailer. I'm camping in the DPW (Dept of Public Works) Depot behind Black Rock City proper. My dear old friend, Dave, runs BRC's gas station as many of you already now. I've signed up to pump fuel the mornings I'm here. The gas station is operating on solar power and often produces an overload of energy that people camping in the Depot can use. So here I am, back in the Depot, on Dave's laptop, typing to you, dear family and friends. I'm not going to make a habit of it but am appreciating the folie of sitting in an air conditioned trailer with internet that can be ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Black Rock Desert » Burning Man September 21st 2008

I was picked up in San Francisco by the lovely Rocio who I met at camp, her and her boyfriend said I could sleep on the couch at their place for a couple of nights before I left for the hardcore dust party in the desert of nearby Nevada. They were so nice that they drove me to the local Target and to hippie Haight Street to get various survival items from the tent to the tutu. Bikes were scarce, all the wallmarts were out, Burning Man had affected all of San Francisco but these wonderful locals were also bike enthusiasts and they pulled strings, made phonecalls and got me a bike, woohoo. It really was rather a nice bike too, antique and English and red. The morning I left to get to my Green Tortoise ... read more
Sunset somewhere near 9 O'Clock and Allante

North America » United States » Nevada » Black Rock Desert » Burning Man September 1st 2007

It was midday. I was in the middle of the Nevada Desert. I had just climbed a ladder onto a truck that had been converted into a magnificent 50-foot golden dragon. Huge speakers were strapped to the outside, pumping out dance music, and a plethora of people in crazy costumes were on the top deck, mixing cocktails and dancing to the beat. A huge flamethrower at the head of the dragon threw out a belch of flame and smoke, and then the truck set off, slowly driving into the heart of the desert Welcome to The Burning Man Festival. A festival unlike any other you will ever visit, and an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Quite possibly the most extreme festival in the world, but also the most exhilarating. ... read more
Morning Sunrise
Full steam ahead
the Pink Tequila Cowboys

I was invited last minute to go with a Boise Contingent to Burning Man, in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. The event is more than just a massive art festival party, it’s a community. As we arrived the Greeters called out “Welcome Home”! Putting people out in the desert where they are accepted as themselves really brings out the best in people. It was a week of random acts of kindness. I loved the community feel: I don’t think I’ve ever felt safer. The city is built out of nothing every year, and the planning and logistics that go into it is mind-boggling. I am so very impressed by how well organized the whole event was. The city was well planned and laid out, and the public services like porta-potties and street cleaning were ... read more
Musical Art

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