Burning Man 2009

Published: February 12th 2010
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Burning Man 2009 Evolution!

So many things to say about Burning man but no description can capture the magic. A helpful tip..go with friends. The people made it so much fun. This was my first burning man and our camp of 8 people made a tree and turned our camp into the garden of eden. We were officially called The garden of the third hole since the year before their theme was a putt putt golf corse and they had the grass left over with the hole in it.

I got ready by buying crazy costumes and we stocked up on food and water to last a week and off we went in our huge rental van with our bikes attached to the back. The journey was long but equally fun. We got there and decided to get gas at the last gas station before the entrance (bad idea btw..) it took 2 hours just to get through the gas line. eek!

The playa was awesome. a bit hard to breath but I adjusted to the dust after getting shoved face first in it at the entrance 😊 glad I had goggles and a bandana.

There were tons of things to do, places to dance and art to look at. I learned how to breath fire (don't do at home) which I haven't done since under the supervision of a teacher but what an invigorating experience! It sounded AMAZING. I was literally a fire breathing dragon. I also learned couples poi with Brad and we made our own sock poi too.

We managed to hurt ourselves on the giant slide made of astroturf...ouch i still have battle scars. They didn't give you much to go down on...just a small piece of cardboard. There were more injuries on the Playa from this slide than anything else lol. And roamed around doing countless other things, ball pit, clothes making out of rubber, fire poi, negative space dancing and how can we forget the giant Rubiks cube..5am we ran towards it with complete strangers as it was being solved..the Rubicks cube was HUGE, what are the odds we would be there when it was solved!

Then the week came to an end and we had the burning of the man. There was a bad dust storm and we had to wait for the burning to kick off. There were 100s of people spinning anything and everything with fire, it was awesome. The man burned there were fireworks and lots of dancing around the fire

Then the next night the temple burn...very different vibe. Quiet all around, people we sitting and there was a people did an audio wave, sound slowly got closer and closer then passed right by, awesome.

After that the sad moments of packing up. We made it fun by hauling our beautifully created tree to be burned. Heave Ho! Time to plan for next year, battle in the death dome!

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