Yes, I am emailing from Burning Man

Published: August 30th 2009
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While they've had internet at Burning Man previous years, this is the first year some BM staff can access wifi as well have dsl piped right into their trailer. I'm camping in the DPW (Dept of Public Works) Depot behind Black Rock City proper. My dear old friend, Dave, runs BRC's gas station as many of you already now. I've signed up to pump fuel the mornings I'm here. The gas station is operating on solar power and often produces an overload of energy that people camping in the Depot can use. So here I am, back in the Depot, on Dave's laptop, typing to you, dear family and friends. I'm not going to make a habit of it but am appreciating the folie of sitting in an air conditioned trailer with internet that can be powered entirely by solar energy. Here are a couple of shots from yesterday's drive into the desert and last night's cruise around Black Rock City.

Two of the art projects I took picture of are somewhat historic for BM. The Rocket was built by the same folks who built the famous Steampunk Treehouse. The Temple is built annually, always different, and is burned the night after the Man burns (Man burns Saturday, Temple Sunday). The Temple is usually one of, if not the most, intricate pieces of art that make the long trek out to the BRC playa.

Oops, technical difficulties with the size of my images and this website. Photos can be found here:

Talk to you soon!


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