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North America » United States » Montana » Whitehall August 27th 2020

Sally: Here's some sober self-reflection: As we search for "property" which means looking at the "house" and the "land" and the "access" and the "water rights" and the orientation of the property to allow for, or prevent, successful winter greenhouse and other vegetative food production, there is also the matter of "the community." One could find the absolute and affordable ideals for house and land, etc. and never know the nature of the people who live in proximity, both close-in neighbors and also one's "town," where we'll buy groceries and building supplies and stuff. The more we risk reaching out with some honest comment or question, the more sober and humble I feel. I've been saddled with patterns as a self-protective psycho-snob for much of my adult life. I've found it easiest to risk vulnerable connection ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Whitehall August 27th 2020

Here's how that white space filled up. After the Disappointment in Deer Lodge, we decided to head back east a bit, to Whitehall, to drive by a property we'd been shown more than a week ago, to view it again with different eyes. The Great Processing work we had done with our third partner had given us more realistic guidelines to follow, and more freedom to explore "the good" instead of demanding "the perfect." We'd passed on this property before because of our third partner's concern about proximity to neighbors, but now we've all come to realize that it may be impossible, at least in this market, to get absolute remoteness AND reasonable access AND proximity to a thriving community all at the same time, or to find a perfect food-growing spot AND a perfect secluded ... read more
The Cattle are Lowing at The Potential Place
The Main House at The Potential Place
The Rocky Mountain at The Potential Place

North America » United States » Montana » Whitehall December 29th 2012

Oh! I was so carried away with the Grizzly Encounter last blog, I completely didn't mention that some great friends from Seattle met us in Bozeman, to go to the Grizzly Encounter - Brian, Taunya, and kids (Kelsey and Kade). So, after we went to the Montana Grizzly Encounters, we headed off to Virginia City. If you come from the east, like we did, you will take Montana highway 287 (MT-287), and you will go east from Ennis., up and up and up! (Apparently, Ennis is around 5000 feet (1524 meters) above sea level, but the high point of the road is over 6900 feet (2115 meters) above sea level, and you climb about 8 miles (12.87 kms). You drop down a tiny bit, into Virginia City, which is at 5761 ft (1756 meters). (This, although ... read more
The Boardwalk
Opera House

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