Natures Wonderland - Yellowstone

Published: May 18th 2015
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Greetings all. For those who are wondering, yes, we were snowed in and needed to spend an extra 2 nights in South Dakota. On our way out of town 15 cars were in ditches, 1 semi trailer had rolled, along with a 5 wheeler caravan... so not a good idea to drive if you don't have to! Thus far, we have been to some beautiful National and State Parks, but there is little wonder why Yellowstone is the Nations favourite and most popular. It is America's first National Park and was established in 1872. It has an abundance of wildlife and natural beauty, most of which we have never seen in real life. On any given day you can see free roaming elk, deer and bison, along with marmots, squirrels, badgers and a variety of birds big and small. On 1 of the 2 wondrous days we spent at Yellowstone, we were fortunate enough to see a moose and a Mamma black bear and her 3 cubs, it was mind-blowing, to see these animals, essentially in the wilderness, or as close as we'll ever get to it. We are still looking for the grizzlies, wolves and coyotes, but will be happy to see them from a bit of a distance! Yellowstone is home to many of the world's geysers... Old Faithful did not disappoint, as we eagerly watched her erupt, what a spectacle! It also have amazing rivers, mountains, hot springs, steam vents and so much more. Yellowstone, is indeed one of natures many wonders and a must see if you ever get the chance. It is obvious to see why this place is much loved by Americans and tourists alike. So as we head further North on the lookout for more wild and wonderful creatures, we bid you goodbye, until the next time.

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