Here We Are In Hardin Yet!

Published: September 6th 2009
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Little Bighorn BattlefieldLittle Bighorn BattlefieldLittle Bighorn Battlefield

Overview of Little Bighorn Battlefield from Last Stand Hill
Day 7. Sunday September 6, 2009

Well, here we are in Hardin, yet. This is our last day of avoiding the holiday weekend traffic, which didn’t really materialize.

Yesterday afternoon, two big rigs from Texas pulled in with a show of dust and Midland accent. They weren’t the type to cook out doors like we do. So they went into town for supper while we enjoyed grillin’ fare.

Yesterday, we went to see the Little Bighorn Battlefield which is about fifteen miles from our campground. It serves as a National Monument and a National cemetery. There is a little bit of everbody buried there.

The story of the Battlefield serves as a good reminder of the difficulty native North Americans had with illegal immigrants encroaching on tribal lands.

Back in 1868, the Fort Laramie treaty designated a large area of eastern Wyoming as a permanent Indian reservation.

That was before gold was discovered in the Black Hills, and hordes of non-Indian gold seekers swarmed into the area in violation of the treaty.

When the Lakota and Cheyenne tried to enforce their borders from the swarm beyond their reservation, the 7th Calvary was sent to
Little Bighorn BattlefieldLittle Bighorn BattlefieldLittle Bighorn Battlefield

Markers where Custer's men were killed in battle.
settle the matter.

We are doing laundry today and later, we will go into town for provisions.

The good news of the morning was that the air pressure in the repaired flat tire on the rig is holding at 80 psi. Just where it should be.

More to come,


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Little Bighorn BattlefieldLittle Bighorn Battlefield
Little Bighorn Battlefield

More markers where Custer's men were killed in battle.
National CemetaryNational Cemetary
National Cemetary

A section of Little Bighorn Battlefield is used as the National Cemetery

6th September 2009

Hardin and Little Bighorn
Glad you got to see the Little Bighorn. I went there about 12 years ago and it made a lasting impression on me. I was also impressed how they have worked out how the battle was fought and who died where and of what and when. Historical forensics I guess is what it is called. Happy Trails, Jim
7th September 2009

Envy, I think
The pictures are really great an I'm sure the trip has been a blast even though Nancy said it is pretty hot. Guess I need to check her Blog to get a full reading on this trip!!!

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