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July 12th 2014
Published: July 13th 2014
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Today is Saturday the 7thday on the road, so like some other guy we rested. Actually it was Helen’s idea to stay another day in Helena to explore the town named after her.

Early this morning we went for a run (4th so far, not bad !! ) we managed to beat the heat. A quick breakfast and out exploring on foot. We asked the hotel desk clerk how far was it to town. “Just a mile down the road, you will love it. Lots of shops, an open market and a walking mall.” Wrong!!!!!

It was actually about two and a half miles to town. There was a market, there was a walking mall and many shops. There were just no people. Shops were empty, the mall was deserted and there was zero traffic. It felt like we were in the twilight zone. Really!!! We started to think we had missed an evacuation notice. Walking back there was no traffic, no one cutting their lawn, no kids playing. It could have been 5 in the morning not noon. Just weird and Apocalyptic.

So after spending the day checking out Helena it came to my attention that Helli may have had an influence on the town. First all the streets are all numbered and in order. Then everything is red. Red Lion Inn, Red Lobster, the bar next door is called the Red Garter and all the street lights are always red. Then there is the fact that there are no bugs ……. none really. Every street corner has hand sanitizer dispensers on the poles. Finally all the coffee shops only serve decaf.

Now for the best part. Since we stayed an extra day here, we are making a side trip to a small town named Iana. It’s a place that only sells hotdogs and pie. Maybe hamburgers when they are in season.

Having a down day was easy to accept. We were getting a little tired. So other than washing the bikes and washing clothes, the only thing we had to do was plan how we were going to get to and through Yellowstone. Easier said than done. Prices of Yellowstone hotels are more than a little high. A Super 8 was asking $245.00. Other high end hotels were as high as $500.00. After many e-mails and google searches Helli found a spot for just over $100.00. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog, it could be interesting.

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13th July 2014

Hi Guys After finally having time to catch up on your blog, I realize I should spend the day planning our trip! Since we only have two weeks to make it to Newfoundland not two months I don't want to spend it at any dumpy holiday inn express. So I'm sitting at Saltpring Marina planning our trip to Newfoundland. Let's see. We will take the 7 am ferry to Vancouver, drive to Pearce arch border crossing, then hit the open road! Drive drive drive! Hit Spokane and sleep, then keep heading east. Our backup plan if we can't find a hotel is a rest stop and sleep in the car. Look for Colin's ship somewhere in the Great Lakes. Hit the ferry in Nova Scotia on the 31st. Drive around Newfoundland and be at Colin's house on the 4th. Fly home on the 7th and work on the 8th. That's about it for the planning. Hope we experience some adventures along the way. Thanks for your blog. I may not comment because our life here is not the adventure you are having. But if you are both missing work life I could comment on that each day. Keep up the amazing adventure.

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