Glacier National Park

Published: August 29th 2007
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Wild Goose IslandWild Goose IslandWild Goose Island

What a beautiful spot!

After breakfast at the campsite we started up Going-to-the-Sun Road. We climbed up to Logan Pass, through some of the most outstanding scenery we have seen so far. The very narrow roadway with the sheer drop-off of hundreds of feet on the passengers side made me very nervous and queasy.

The road clings to the side of the rocky mountains and Dave was nervous when we kept seeing “Fallen Rock” areas. We passed the Triple Arches and the Weeping Wall, which in the spring can get drivers really wet. When we reached Logan Pass, we hiked to Hidden Lake, 3 miles round-trip. We saw longhorn sheep (brown with spiral horns) and a family of mountain goats (white with black horns). We saw littler creatures including, ground squirrel and a mouse that looks a jack rabbit.

Hidden Lake was truly beautiful and the goats were very entertaining. There was a ranger who hiked up in front of us that was very informative about the region and the wildlife. He told us the goats remain on the cold and windy slopes all winter and they can survive climate variations of 140 degrees.

We did another short hike before lunch to Baring Falls. We stopped to see Jackson Glacier and to see the picturesque Wild Goose Island.

We found a campsite early at Rising Sun as the campsites tend to fill up by supper time. Also at the Rising Sun site, was a general store, restaurant, lodge and boat tours. We had lunch in the restaurant and then took the 1 ½ hour boat tour on St. Mary’s Lake. This was a spectacular way of seeing the valley we were in from the bottom up, cruising this pristine, 300 foot deep lake.

After our boat tour, we continued to the east end of the Sun Road. The town of St. Mary is very small with only 3 businesses. We headed north to see another area of the park called, Many Glaciers. The extra twenty miles was well worth it for several reasons. Beautiful 12 miles of scenery, along a heavily rapid river. On our way out of the park, we were extremely fortunate that a couple in front us had stopped and spotted a black bear on the hillside. I finally saw my bear and got some great shots.

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Weeping WallWeeping Wall
Weeping Wall

In the spring there is so much water that it is necessary to shut your car windows to keep dry.
Hidden LakeHidden Lake
Hidden Lake

We did a 3 mile hike to see this lake. Notice the mountain goat at the bottom.
Longhorn SheepLonghorn Sheep
Longhorn Sheep

These are beautiful creatures.
Jackson GlacierJackson Glacier
Jackson Glacier

This was the largest glacier that we saw in the park

30th August 2007

Again, beautiful photos! I was last at Glacier many, many years ago and need to go back. Great animal photos as well.

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