Alaska Trip Day 20

Published: July 22nd 2016
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Idaho for Montana at 8 AM.

Crystal clear blue skies and temp was 53 degrees. Nice

Entered Glacier Park at the west gate and was immediately greeted by a beautiful lake.

Took 3 hours to get through the park on "The road to the sun" and was so close to many waterfalls while riding that you can actually reach out and touch them.

One of the most spectacular national parks.

May pics

Out of the park at the East gate and to hwy 89 south to hook back up to 2 east.

89 South has more curves and I mean tight curves in 35 miles than the Dragon in Tennesee.

Took 2 east and temps got up to 90 so drank lots of water. 2 East is a road I have never ridden before. I like 2 lane roads and this one is highly recommended.

Rode for 450 miles to Malta Montana for the night.

Not bad to get 550 miles plus in a day.

Tomorrow I conquer North Dakota.

Also included some pics of some historical sights along the way as well as the massive wheat and hay fields of Northern Montana

Additional photos below
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