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North America » United States » Montana » Bozeman August 28th 2019

Today was another driving day as we were supposed to get to Bozeman, Montana to spend the night before heading down through Yellowstone National Park. So we left Whitewood and drove through the rest of South Dakota, through part of Wyoming, and through Montana. Again it was so interesting to see the changes in each state and realize what crops they grew and how much irrigation was necessary. These are big time farmers out here and they have huge operations. I just can't imagine the amount of work going into their farms and the number of people it takes to get the job done. We stopped at Little Big Horn Battlefield and Cemetery. It preserves the site of the June 25 and 26, 1876, Battle of the Little Bighorn, near Crow Agency, Montana, in the United ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Bozeman August 28th 2017

Deadwood to Bozeman is another long drive....7 hours by google map, or put it simply, another 430 miles. most of it is through the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation. We were not in any hurry today. The next big stop is the Yellowstone National Park. But accommodation in the park is not the cheapest, and I'm still chasing my status achievement on Starwood. Good I have some points left with SPG...a night in the simple Element in Bozeman is a whopping 260usd a night. So we spent few a nice upgrade with a nice kitchen. The drive is a pretty nice one. Nothing amazing on the way, very few people living around here too. We spotted some wildlife....and many more flowers on the way. Not a lot of pictures here. I'm doing a blog to add ... read more
Still no rain...
Look who I found on the road...
Staying in Bozeman....with a kitchen...yeah!!!

North America » United States » Montana » Bozeman July 30th 2017

July 29, 2017 Place: Bozeman, MT Weather: 91 and sunny Hours Driving: 8 hours States Drive Thru: North Dakota and Montana Miles: 433 Restaurants: Movies: Games: 20 questions (or 20 insults) Books: Dunkirk (Matt) Hotel: Marriott We had a nice sleep last night. We had our typical free Marriott breakfast which really isn't all that bad (unless you are gluten and dairy-free). They had omelettes, scrambled and hard boiled eggs, sausage, Canadian bacon, all kinds of sweet rolls and breads, oatmeal, make your own waffles, coffee, juices, yogurts, fruits and more. Not bad really. We had a funny breakfast conversation about movie choices. Elizabeth has a very limited genre library due to the fact that most things are too scary for her. For instance, someone getting a paper cut or a lost puppy might stress her ... read more
Welcome to Montana
Peaks of the Badlands

North America » United States » Montana » Bozeman June 25th 2017

Greetings from Bozeman, Montana! I am less than 150 miles from my destination for he next week, Billings MT. The only problem is that I allowed an extra day in case anything went wrong. Nothing did, thankfully and my reservation does not begin until tomorrow, so Bozeman it is for tonight. I began my day in a rather leisurely fashion. Had some coffee, chatted with the locals, ets. Then I put some time into the bike. Over the last couple of days, two problems have developed. First, the stitching on one of my saddlebag lids began to give way, causing it to flap in the breeze (this has been audible on a couple of my videos). Second, yesterday, the return spring on my rear brakelight switch broke and was vibrating against the exhaust making a really ... read more
The broken stoplight switch return spring that was vibrating all day yesterday and drivingv me nuts. It now lives at the bottom of my toolbag.
I love gas stations.  They have everything.  Used this to fix the saddlebag.
While the sign promises good times, I didn't go in.

North America » United States » Montana » Bozeman June 30th 2016

Day 1 - Monday, June 27, 2016 Spokane, WA to Missoula, MT to Bozeman, MT So if we had hoped to leave our home at 8am we of course left at 10. Pretty normal. On our way out Jaedon got to say goodbye to one of his best friends, Landen, who’s moving to Bremerton, WA in a week. We’ll miss them! Our drive to Missoula was pretty smooth with gorgeous weather. We enjoyed ice cream cones, a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie, and one bear claw from Wheat Montana Bakery and then it was J.’s turn to drive! He did awesome! Thank you, Lord Jesus! I don’t think I did as well with the idea of having him drive all of us in the motorhome - baby steps I’m sure. How do you explain to a ... read more
J driving the big rig!

North America » United States » Montana » Bozeman September 26th 2015

Tout d’abord, pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas mon histoire. Je m’appelle Catherine, originaire de Beauharnois, petite ville situe a l’ouest de Montreal. Depuis mon enfance, je ressens que ma vocation est de faire evoluer les gens. Je ne sais pas comment j’atteindrais ce but. Je sais uniquement que cela passera par mon evolution personnelle. Il y a 2 mois, j’ai donc entrepose tous mon materiel d’appartement dans un entrepot. J’ai vecu a deux endroit differents de juillet a la mi-septembre. Mon été fut memorable. Mon desir de partir fut plus fort que tout. J’etais bien. Cependant, j’avais besoin de devenir heureuse. Sourire et ressentir le frisson qui accompagne ce sourire sincere. Decrouvrir des lieux avec les yeux de l’enfant en moi. Faire face a mes peurs. Ne plus craindre la vie, ne plus m’eriger de ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Bozeman August 22nd 2015

…the morning after a night of train whistles…three times. It was cold this morning and smelled like a giant campfire. We’re heading northwest from Casper, Wyoming…might as well make it interesting and cut through Yellowstone. Plugged our plan into Rosie and got underway. Wyoming is full of tumbling tumbleweeds. Tumbling tumbleweeds look nice when they’re tumbling across the prairie…but not so nice when they tumble and SMACK into the side of your truck. From the direction we were approaching Yellowstone National Park, we’d have to go through Grand Teton National Park. We have our America the Beautiful Pass, let’s go! When we approached the entrance I saw one line was actually dedicated to pass holders. This was the first time we came across that. We zipped over to the far right lane (we were only one ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Bozeman June 28th 2015

Today officially begin at 5am. Students and parents gathered to give final hugs and prayers to the students before departure. Everything at the airport went great. The kids stayed together and followed instructions and made the whole process very smooth. Our first flight to Denver went great, as did the second flight into Billings. The group had a great lunch at HuHot Mongolian Grill and then went to Scheels Sport store. Scheels can best be described as a Dicks sporting good mixed with a Cabelas sports store. The kids loved it, a little to much making for a change of plans for the rest of the evening and leading to the end of the story with a 10:00pm diner in Manhattan where we are staying. We made it in late and are looking forward to a ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Bozeman March 12th 2015

We are now on the road at Montana! We are going to stay the night in Bozeman and snowboard big sky tomorrow. We have seen tons of elk and deer along the way! There is nothing better than passing through yellowstone national park and seeing its beauty! Tomorrow should be a wonderful day! ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Bozeman September 21st 2014

Yellowstone. Day 15 The Road to Ennis Good continental breakfast at hotel before nice sunny start at 8.30am along the south of Bozeman to join the main highway to Four Corners. A wide road with fast traffic but thankfully a wide shoulder to ride on. We set off like the 'lead out' train for Team Sky but slackened off when we started to climb up past the golf course and seeing people spoiling a good walk. Once onto Norris Road life became more civilised and I could take photos of yet more tractors and farm machinery alongside the occasional buzzard and other animals such as a herd of deer and alpacas, a hare and a badger, which unfortunately were now road kill. There was a definite Dutch feeling to this area with many Dutch Barns and ... read more
Fishing the Madison River
Open road

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