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North America » United States » Montana » Big Sky July 17th 2018

Forget about having to wait in a long lift line. Montana is one of the best destination areas in the United States. Snowboarders and skiers will definitely have more than enough adventure with Montana's slopes and terrains that are not as crowded as other ski resorts in the US. Montana also boasts some of the largest vertical drops and remarkable snow quality. Want to go on a weekend skiing trip in Montana? Check out my list of the top five best places for skiing in Montana: Big Sky Ski Resort Long lift Lines? Big Sky Ski Resort in Montana is the definition of NO lift lines. Whether you are a ski starter or is an expert in skiing, this ski resort offers plenty of activities for you. The resort features a wide ski area that's over ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Big Sky March 29th 2017

Our time in the mountains has come to and end and we are so incredibly sad. It has been epic and neither of us want it to be over. It's hard to believe how quickly it has gone and how totally addictive snowboarding can be. In our twelve weeks away we have visited six resorts, and made a home away from home in three. We've snowboarded for 61 days and covered over 2000km! We've been to dinner with someone who used to work for NASA and met a bus driving writer. It has been an unforgettable experience, one we would love to repeat (come on lottery win!!!) Although we might not be ready to retire until next year, our kit is definitely ready to be retired, forever. It's fair to say that we both look like ... read more
Paul Fixing my Boots (again!)
Katherine's Last Day
Unit 15 Cedar Creek - Our Big Sky Home

North America » United States » Montana » Big Sky March 28th 2017

Well actually it was more than one day, but that doesn't work so well for the title. Having said that I'm not sure how many people will get the song reference (look up Ocean Colour Scene if confused). In my last, none booze related, blog I mentioned how the terrain at Big Sky was different to other resorts we've visited and how we'd found it challenging. What I'd didn't mention was some of the stuff we'd done off the Lone Peak Tram. There was a reason for that - I didn't want any of our parental units worrying about us - but now we are safely down the mountain (Paul and I sat at Bozeman airport, Katherine sat at her desk at work) it's time to come clean. The Lone Peak Tram was introduced to Big ... read more
Lone Peak Summit from Tram Queue
On Top of the World
All Smiles

North America » United States » Montana » Big Sky March 24th 2017

Spring has arrived which means taking each day as it comes and being prepared to change plans on an hourly basis. Going out everyday for full on days just doesn't always happen. When it's super icy there is no point heading out on the first lift, and on warmer days staying out until last lift means surfing down the lower slopes in slush, or having to deal with that dreaded sticky snow we discovered in Park City. The changing conditions coincided with my birthday week, which saw a steady increase in our alcohol intake. Katherine and I had bought a bottle of vodka in Park City that lasted about three weeks. In contrast we seemed to be draining our new bottle in record time - this wasn't helped by the christening of our souvenir shot glasses ... read more
The super warm outdoor pool
Happy Birthday to Me!
The Birthday commute

North America » United States » Montana » Big Sky March 11th 2017

Big Sky has been on our hit list for about five years now, after we read about how on average there are 2 acres of terrains per skier / snowboarder, so I have been super excited about coming here. One of the main reasons we've stopped going to France are the crowds; there are just too many people in the big resorts that it can be dangerous. America in comparisons is much quieter, and Big Sky is next level quiet - it's amazing! Big Sky has a very different vibe to the other resorts we've been to. It feels a little old school and very chilled. Rather than big 'canteen' style restaurants on the mountain, there are overgrown (cute) sheds that house tiny little soup kitchens. And it is so quiet - we've barely had to ... read more
Top of Powder Seeker Chair
Whiskey - Wonderful Blue Glade
Top of aptly named Challenger Lift

North America » United States » Montana » Big Sky March 13th 2015

Day 4: The snow here is so icy! It makes for a rough ride! We are just sitting down for a nice lunch and we are starving! Overall we are very happy with Montana.. It has amazing scenery and tons of wildlife! ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Big Sky March 13th 2015

We are now headed to Minneapolis :) we will pass through ND.. So this will be 2 new states to the list! It's about a 1000 mile drive so we will def stop there for sleep :) I have been averaging 83mph an hour and getting 600 miles a tank in Montana! ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Big Sky June 30th 2013

Geo: 45.2855, -111.306This morning we woke up tarped in from the afternoon rain. It never did rain again, but the wrap up did provide a humid environment. We packed up the camp early then made our way to coffee and breakfast bisquit at the local Conoco Station. Delicioso! Then to Moonlight Corral for riding time. We had a great scenic ride through the mountains. A marmot and chipmunks were about the only wildlife seen. Apparently wolves came through recently and scared the wildlife back into the woods. Big sky sounds like an awesome place to ski, based on the locals reports. We checked out the lodge then headed down to lunch at the Wrap Shack.Limited on money and activity, we ditched Big Sky for Mammoth Springs. I have been neglectful describing the sites at Yellowstone. That's ... read more
Joining us for lunch

North America » United States » Montana » Big Sky June 29th 2013

Geo: 45.2855, -111.306White Water Rafting on the GallatinWow, a strange thing is happening. We slept inside for only the second time this trip and I couldn't sleep that well. I opened all the windows to try and make it the same temp, but it just wasn't the same. I don't know what I will do when I get home. I ran off early and found coffee down the road while Alex slept. I must add, the night before we finished watching a movie we had, and when it ended, just looked at each other and said, "what just happened?"We explored Big Sky and booked a horseback riding trip for tomorrow. Alex and I went on a 2 mile hike to a big waterfall in the morning. I wish we had mountains back home. It is such ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Big Sky June 28th 2013

Geo: 45.2855, -111.306Today, Saturday, started out like any other normal day for two weary travelers sleeping at random campsites. Well actually, our Japanese camp neighbors from Orlando woke us at 4:30 am as they were leaving camp for God only knows where. Besides that, I must say, since I purchased a new $20 sleeping bag at Kmart, I have been quite comfortable during these freezing nights. I packed up the camp early so we could hit the road. Alex was not up for the early part so he remained in the tent until I dragged him out in his sleeping bag. All that remained of the camp was Alex on the ground snug in his mummy bag refusing to get out. Once on the road, we headed out of Yellowstone towards the town of Ennis. Along ... read more
Blowing her top

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