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North America » United States » Montana » Bearmouth August 9th 2015

blog 08-09-15 Fishing? It was 52 in the camper this morning but the sun was up and starting to warm the earth already. I got out of bed and started my blog from yesterday, I was just too tired last night. I took my time getting ready for fishing, giving it time to warm up. After assembling all the necessary junk to fish I headed out to the stream to pick a spot. Some places were hard to get to, others had too much vegetation. I made a compromise and started to get my line out and pick a spot to drop the fly. Everyone told me it's too warm so the only chance you have is in a deep hole and I know from other stories to find as still water as possible. The fish ... read more
note the roads on the  mountain in the background. Think they are logging roads.
back of a sign
beautiful little valley

North America » United States » Montana » Bearmouth August 8th 2015

Blog 08-08-15 Ghost Town Yes, today is the day to see a real ghost town. I asked several people how to get to Garnet and they all said "Oh no, you don't want to go that way!" I could go west on 90 and then north on 200 or go east on 90, get off at Bearmouth then north on the rim road. "What kind of vehicle are you driving? Are you alone?" were the first 2 questions I was asked. The rt 200 way is very scenic, longer but much safer. The rim road is suitable for 4 wheel drive and nerves of steel. Apparently it is a road just bulldozed out of the side of the hill, cliff on one side and sheer drop on the other, about as wide as a bulldozer. It ... read more
the pavement ends
the vista

North America » United States » Montana » Bearmouth August 26th 2007

Left the beautiful Tetons and headed over Teton Pass into Idaho and then up Route 15 to Montana. We had lunch in Dillon, MT and stopped in Bearmouth for the night. Nice quite campground until around 3 am and then the trains came whistling through until about 5:30 am. We are heading to Glacier National Park.... read more
Road in Idaho
Billboard painted on Silos
Beaverhead Mountains, MT

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