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North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis June 4th 2005

Here it is just about a week from my trip and there is still so much to be done. I wanted to start this Blog off by thanking so many that have made this trip possible! But first let me tell you about the trip, so that you all know why and where I will be and why it is so important and life changing for me to take this journey. Most of you know that this year has been a struggle for me in regards to my health. I have explained to my close family and friends that one of the driving factors for me to go on this journey is that I know I have a condition that might keep me for doing this in the future. Saying, I’ll wait 3 years when my ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis May 30th 2005

Hey everyone!! Look what I found, it's a travel blog. This is the easiest way for everyone to learn about my European travels...Hooray!! I can write journal entries on this personal website and even download pictures for all to see. You will even be updated when I write a new entry about the lastest happening and crazy story. Just check out this website when you have time. OK, more to come in July :) ~Katheryn... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis April 4th 2005

Fighting Illini go the Arch for some college basketball. And not just SOME college basketball... we're in St. Louis for college basketball. Actually, right now, we ARE college basketball. Maybe it's because I'm from Illinois (the state and the school), but I can't remember a team that has attracted such a following like we have this year. Everywhere is orange. Everywhere it's about the Illini (save ESPN). Perhaps it has to do with the fact that it's our hundreth year of basketball. Or that we only lost one regular season game (screw you, OSU). Or maybe it's the Dee Brown infamous jersey pop that has put Illinois in the limelight. Whatever it is... I can't say that I ever thought I'd actually be here, at the Final Four, to see my team play in the national ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis November 3rd 2004

We walked to the train station attempting to get a tour trip, but alas it is too late in the season. So we continued down to the Mighty Mississippi and the great arch. We went to the I-max and saw the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Great film. We boarded the tiny cubicle that would take us up to the top of the arch. Quite a view! We solved the mystery of the trains, and headed to the museum area. On our way back we stopped at Union Center and went to a couple breweries. ... read more
View from the Arch

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis October 11th 2004

So I'm off.... but in case you're wondering what one brings on a year-long trip to Africa, here you have it. Items marked with an asteriks (*) mark items returning from my previous journey. 1 Eagle Creek Travel Backpack with Zip-Out day pack* 1 Pair Asolo Indestructable Hiking Boots* 1 TexSport 2 Person Tent ($28.00!) 1 Blue HardWear Synthetic Sleeping Bag 1 2-Person Hanging Mosquito Net 1 Black Columbia Ski Jacket with Zip-Out liner 1 120l. Pacsafe (wire mesh that encloses my backpack to thwart ne'erdowells) 1 Pair Columbia Nylon Khakis* (Worn in 22 countries and counting!) 1 Pair of Navy Blue Synthetic Gap Cargo Pants 1 Pair of Khaki Synthetic Gap Cargo Pants 1 Brown Timberland Sweatshirt 1 Black Nylon T-shirt 2 Pair Black Nylon Boxers 1 Blue Capeline Long Underwear Top 1 Cotton Long ... read more
Pharmacy in a Pouch
My Stuff
Helper Elf

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis June 5th 2001

Three days spent in the Litchfield and Nokomis region of Illinois. Restful days spent on a farm, fishing for catfish in the lake, wandering the meadows full of Hereford Cattle . It almost felt like home. However after the three days it was time to move on and head southwards into our next state - Missouri. The home of Old Man River, that old man river from the song just keeps on rolling along. The Mississippi is the largest of all the river systems in the United States of America. The river flows entirely through the United States rising in Western Minnesota and meandering slowly for over 2500 miles until it reaches the sea. It was wider than I expected and was much more muddy too, it seemed to flow sluggishly and the water took on ... read more
St Louis
St Louis

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis March 16th 1999

Like anyone said, before heaven, one needs to go through hell. Or somekind of purgatory, where one can cleanse his/her sins. This was exactly what we had to experience driving down to St. Louis, Missouri from Ames, Iowa. With no direct major interstate or highway between the two, we tried to fit five guys in one sedan and politeness dissolved pretty quicky to achieve personal comfort. There were many fart bombs dropped, but nonetheless, we were bonding very quickly and had a blast. The famous landmark of St. Louis is the Gateway Arch. From what I've read, the Arch was completed in 1965, when the city decided to revitalize a rundown industrial area along the Mississippi River. As suggested by its name, St. Louis gateway arch symbolizes a connection between the eastern and western coasts of ... read more
Wide open space under the arch
St. Louis gateway arch
St. Louis Zoo sign

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis June 13th 1989

...still in st.louis...stayed a little longer than what we originally thought, has treated us well. my brother lives in the heart of downtown, on the 6th floor overlooking a very happening street. randomly throughout the day, we'll open his windows and city watch. its definately entertaining to say the least. the art of parallel parking...not many people seem to have obtained this skill...its pretty effin funny. the meter maid...what a fearless woman, she doesn't play games...if you ever stop by this city and use meters, stay on top of them. and last but not least, its fun to just shout randomness out to those underneath you. even better if you break out into song. looking out of mickey's window...if you glance to the left, about two blocks away, you'll see a building called City Museum...and ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis June 6th 1989

...all apologies in regards to not writing in quite sometime... i am enjoying the aspect of meeting all the different walks of life this country of ours has to offer. our spaceship finally departed the wonderful city of savannah almost 2 weeks ago...slowed rolled it on over to mobile, alabama...where we weren't given the best of greetings. i'm not going to bad mouth the city, just gonna say at this time in both of our existences...we weren't meant to kick it off well. so we stayed for a couple of hours and made our way to New Orleans. it was our first time at a campsite in a hot minute. we spent two days there and never made it to the city. some of the campers were actually there taking HAZMAT classes so that they could ... read more

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