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North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis September 19th 2006

Tuesday September 19 According to the original schedule that I planned, I should be leaving St Louis today. I can’t let its nighttime reputation decide what I want to do during the day, though. I only came here because the Bud Brewery was literally down the street from where I was staying, however I wanted to visit a friend in Indianapolis. Cath was really busy moving houses so I don’t think it was a great time. I suppose there’s always next time. I packed Baz into my bag and off we hopped to the brewery. There were no bookings required, just a slight interest into the world’s most biggest brewery. After tasting that very flat and tasteless beer in Nashville, I decided to come straight to the source and see whether their beer was always ... read more
Budweiser Brewery
Bud Brewery
Bud Brewery

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis September 18th 2006

Lara and I shared a cab down to the bus station where there were still a few bums loitering about but they don’t seem as harmless during the day as they do in the night time. There are a few people coming in off other buses and the terminal slowly fills up. Even though Lara is only going a few hours west to Memphis, she has to battle for a seat on a bus heading all the way to Dallas, TX. By looking at some of the baggage left around the terminal, there are some that will make the big trip. My trip today will only take about 7 hours as we head from Dixie Country to the outskirts of the Midwest. The bus heads north through Kentucky, a slice of Indianapolis before heading straight ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis August 2nd 2006

The 2nd leg of our summer holiday. Staying with Sarah and Paul in St Louis, Missouri.... read more
Matt and Shamrock
Marcus and Rainbow
The City Museum

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis July 27th 2006

I touched down in St. Louis on Thursday at 6:45pm local time. The sky was clear, the sun was bright, and the afternoon glow warmed everything it touched. By the time we got settled in for our connection flight, my sister and I noticed the darkening sky out the north bay of windows directly across from our gate. In fact, the sky wasn't merely darkening.. It was dark. "Due to high winds, Lambert Airport asks that you keep small children away from the windows." OK...we were getting concerned. The lights were flickering, the vents were spewing out large balls of dust and lint all over the floor, the northern sky was black, and the southern sky was that yellow-pink color of impending weather. The silhouettes of the light posts rocked and swayed against the dark-rose ... read more
Waiting II
Waiting III
Waiting IV

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis July 3rd 2006

Prague is in less than a week. I'm excited, a little apprehensive, but most of all I can't wait to see what a month in Europe is going to bring. I feel like I should have been doing more prep work on the trip, but maybe that is what an 8-hour plane ride is for. I have two more days of work, three days of loose ends and good-byes, one (well, actually two because of time differences) day of travel, and then Prague (plus excursions to Belgium and Italy, and really wherever else we feel like going!!!)... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis June 1st 2006

I'm testing this out. It looked like a good blog site. I will be going to Prague later in the summer with a study abroad group. For now, just looking forward to the cruise, my family vacation to the Caribbean. It's a hard life.... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis » WashU May 10th 2006

One more exam... My walls are white and posterless. Moriah has stripped her side of pictures and books. All that's left are duffel bags and our bedding. Ugly! This is what it looked like before we packed... The reason I'm starting this travel blog is because I'm going to be all over the Western Hemisphere in the next year. Thursday, my mom and I are leaving St. Louis and driving home, so that covers a bunch of states east of the Mississippi. This summer, I'm so excited to be working at North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA). It's only the most widely-read English-language publication on Latin America in the United States! I'll be doing editing, research, and maybe a little writing. To make some money, I'll be waitressing on the side. I hope I get ... read more
My side
the common room and Jessie
the other side of the common room

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis May 4th 2006

Springtime here in St. Louis means the start of baseball season. This year it is made even more exciting than usual with the opening of our new stadium. Whether you were for or against the building of it, you have to admit it is a classic looking baseball stadium, much better looking in my mind than the concrete bowl it replaced. For my family and me, spring this year means the start of what we hope will be a great year of travel. My wife Jo, two children Viv and Will, and I, Keith will be headed to Southeast Asia for the rest of the year. I'm taking my sabbatical from teaching as an English professor at a college here in St. Louis and will teach at Vietnam National University in Hanoi for the fall. Needless ... read more
KC at the new Busch Stadium
The Mighty Albert
St. Louis' namesake

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis July 12th 2005

Back in the states… I am back! What an interesting transition that has been. While I was off on my trip, many things happened. There was a death in the family. My father had a pretty serious stroke, which no one told me about. My middle child had a freak accident. We were certainly blessed it was not worse. All this to say, that leaving your reality, for a month, things still happen! I know that my friends and family protected me from a lot of these situations, knowing that it would have made it extremely difficult for me, being away. For that, I am forever grateful. I hated learning about all that they went through while I was gone. However, everyone did their best and supported me every step of the way. For that I ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis June 11th 2005

Yeah, I know it's January, 2007 but am trying to get some of my old trips and travel journals posted for those interested. With that...on June 9, 2005, I was in St. Louis for business and had a couple hours to go see the sites before meetings started. I had never been to St. Louis before and was anxious to see the famous Arch. Walked down to the Arch and around the sites. It was a miserably hot and humid day as one can imagine June in Missouri. The Gateway Arch is 630 feet high. You ride up in an old, non-air conditioned, coal car (tram). No elevator. As I said, it was pretty hot and the coal car was a pretty miserable trek. Luckily, it didn't last too long but it was a slow enough ... read more
View from the top
Yankees v. Cardinals
At the Top-630 feet

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