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October 11th 2004
Published: October 11th 2004
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So I'm off.... but in case you're wondering what one brings on a year-long trip to Africa, here you have it. Items marked with an asteriks (*) mark items returning from my previous journey.

1 Eagle Creek Travel Backpack with Zip-Out day pack*
1 Pair Asolo Indestructable Hiking Boots*
1 TexSport 2 Person Tent ($28.00!)
1 Blue HardWear Synthetic Sleeping Bag
1 2-Person Hanging Mosquito Net
1 Black Columbia Ski Jacket with Zip-Out liner
1 120l. Pacsafe (wire mesh that encloses my backpack to thwart ne'erdowells)
1 Pair Columbia Nylon Khakis* (Worn in 22 countries and counting!)
1 Pair of Navy Blue Synthetic Gap Cargo Pants
1 Pair of Khaki Synthetic Gap Cargo Pants
1 Brown Timberland Sweatshirt
1 Black Nylon T-shirt
2 Pair Black Nylon Boxers
1 Blue Capeline Long Underwear Top
1 Cotton Long Underwear Bottom
2 Pair Gym Socks
1 Pair Jockey Boxer-Briefs
1 Pair Imitation Umbro Shorts
1 Patagonia Swimsuit
3 Cotton t-shirts
1 Pair Teva Sandals
1 Pair Lambskin Gloves Originaly Belonging to a member of the MICDS maintainance staff
1 Dirty Laundry Sack
1 Jumbo Roll of Toilet Paper
1 Shower Kit Containing:
1 Bar of Soap w/plastic case
1 Bottle Neutrogena sunblock (SPF 30)
1 Travel toothbrush
1 Nail Clipper
1 SpeedStick Deodorant
1 Bottle Polar Pure Iodine Water
1 Tube Crest Anti-Cavity Toothpaste
1 Packet Nice N' Clean Handwipes
1 Grey Nylon Strap* Bought in Istanbul last year on Monte's advice ("Always carry extra straps Brad!")
1 Compass*
1 Petzl LED headlamp
1 Master Padlock
2 Bic Mechanical Pencils
1 Bic Lighter*
1 Stack Urani Software Business Cards
8 AA Batteries
3 AAA Batteries
1 Canon Digital Camera
1 Mini USB cable
1 Mini Swiss Army Knife
1 Key Chain Mag Lite
1 Deck "Best Of Switzerland" Playing Cards*
1 Bottle Jungle Juice Bug Spray
1 Corkscrew/Bottle Opener*
4 Luggage Locks
1 Notebook Originaly bought in the Hama Souq, central Syria*
1 Silk Money Neck Pouch
1 Silk Money Belt Containing:
1 US Passport
1 Pre-paid Phone Card
5 Blank Checks
2 Visa Debit Cards
1 Visa Credit Card
1 Counterfeit International Student Card*
(originaly bought in Palmyra, Syria)
1 Colorado Driver License
Lonely Planet Portugal
Lonely Planet Morocco
Rough Guide West Africa
Lonely Planet Healthy Travel Africa
Langenscheidt Travel Size French Dictionary
Berlitz Arabic For Travellers*
The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon, Richard Zimler
Designing West Africa: Prelude to 21st
Century Calamity, Peter Schwab
The Shackled Continent: Power Corruption
and African Lives, Robert Guest
1 Zip Lock bag containing 20 Pages of French Notes
1 Zip Lock Bag full of medical and travel documents
1 Zip Lock Bag Containing 14 Zip Lock Bags
1 Roll-up Space Bag
And the Piece De Resistance...
1 First Aid Kit Containing:
1 Tube Triple Antibiotic Ointment
1 Tube Antibite Insect Sting Treamtment
2 Rolls Medical Tape
1 Electric Thermometer (with paper sleeves)
1 Medical Scissors
1 Wooden Tongue Depresser
1 Safety Pin
1 Plastic Tweezers
4 Mini-Tubes Elocon Anti-Rash Ointment
3 Mini-tubes Topicort Anti-Rash Ointment
1 Pair Rubber Gloves
5 Syringe Kits w/ Needles (don't ask me
why, the book said to bring them)
2 Extra Long Needles (For Intermusclar
1 6" sterile Q-tip
3 Suture Kits W/ Needles
1 Large Sterile Gauze Dressing Pad
1 Medium Sterile Gauze Dressing Pad
2 Jumbo Band-Aids
1 Eye Pad
8 Anti-Septic Wipes
6 Alcohol Cleansing Pads
10 Regular band-Aids
10 Mini Band-Aids
5 Butterfly Closures
2 Miniture Butterfly Closures
1 Moleskin Blister pad
30 Walgreens Brand Laxative Pills
1 Bottle Walgreens brand Anti-Diarhea Pills
20 Zyrtec Antihistamine Pills
30 Ibprofuron
20 Tylenol PM
20 Nexium Antacid Pills
100 Lonox Prescription Anti-Diarhea Pills
1 Course Biaxin (Antibiotic)
1 Course Amoxocylin (Antibiotic)
1 Course Metronidazole (AntiBiotic)
1 Course Cipro (Antibiotic, including

Wow... and believe it or not, it all fits in the backpack.


11th October 2004

I think this is crazy you are going over there. I envy thee. I am glad you have can track just how much the trip cost in items lost. Hey, maybe you will pick up some shit along the way to make up for it!
12th October 2004

Great list.
Welcome to travelblog! Nice to see the contents of someone else's backpack! Have you seen the "travelling light" thread in the forum? - I made the same kind of list for my last long trip - how heavy is the whole?
12th October 2004

Adult site
When and where will you post the good stuff...have fun and be safe
12th October 2004

May good fortune find you on your journey. Do not forget to place prophelactics in your rucksack, as good fortune does not reveal its time or place. Happy trekking! Cheers!
13th October 2004

Low impact thats it is!!!!!!!!!
Good for you it men!!!! good backpacking hahahaha!!!! Enjoy your travel!!!! have a nice vacation next time i will post my acventures hahahah!!!!!
13th October 2004

what's a JeNeSuisPasLapin?

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