We Leave Tomorrow Morning

Published: September 30th 2017
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May 9, 2010

It is Sunday night and we are packed, the car is clean and full of gas, and the alarm is set for 5:00 am tomorrow! YIKES! Of course, the one thing I've yet to do.... go online and actually purchase our park tickets. You see... I was fairly set on a 2-day, 2-park pass to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure ~ all owned by Universal and in the same area ~ 2 parks themed around movies, characters, etc. Lots o' roller coasters, lots of character amusement. THEN... I followed a friend in Orlando on Twitter last week and they spent the day at Epcot at the World Showcase ~ 1.3 miles, 11 countries, all showcasing various performers, drinks, foods, and entertainment!! How exciting I thought!! This is a park we must visit ~ and, it will give us our Disney fix for the week!

I talked to hubby and he said he had already traveled to 7 of the 11 countries and he didn't want to go see some hokey reproductions. Okay. NO biggie. We will stick with the Universal Studios parks. Tonight ~ approximately 2 hours ago ~ which equates to less than 4 hours before we go to sleep and wake-up at dawn to drive to the the airport ~ hubby tells me he talked to a guy at work who went to Epcot and loved it and maybe we would luv it too. He started his vacation today. He was off work Thursday & Friday. WHEN did he talk to this guy at work??? Errrrrrrr. Okay... so, here in about an hour... hubby and I are going to make a final decision about what parks to visit, purchase our tickets (print online!), and tuck them safely away in my HUGE purse (because we are NOT checking luggage!!!) and going to sleep... dreaming of palm trees, warm weather, and generally having a completely wonderful touristy time enjoying some kid~like adventures in Orlando!!!


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