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July 31st 2005
Published: June 25th 2017
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This is the first all-nighter I've had to do since college. I've been up all night going over everything before I leave for Chicago tomorrow. I've scanned all my documents and emailed them to myself in case I need access to them on the road. I like this idea, because even if I lose everything I own, I can still get my documents from the web.

I got a new battery for my watch too. I've been so lazy about getting a new battery that I haven't worn my watch in 4 months. Time to get used to it again (ack). It's amazing that Wal-Mart is the only store capable of replacing the battery in my watch, and for only $3!. The mall wanted $16, bastards.

I'm a little drawn on how much insect repellent to take. I'm sure I'll be able to buy some in the places I need it, but I already have 3 containers of this army issue DEET formula. I'd like to just take all 3 and be prepared, but its just more weight to carry.

I had my mom sew some secret pouches into my daypack today. One is a tight-lipped pouch for my
Special Sewn in Sleeve for Laptop and GPSSpecial Sewn in Sleeve for Laptop and GPSSpecial Sewn in Sleeve for Laptop and GPS

(In restrospect, these sleeves were less than useful)
laptop so that its difficult to remove from the bag, and doubly-insulated from knife slashing. She also installed a secret pouch for my GPS unit near the top of my bag where the antenna will be. My GPS antenna is magnetic, intended to be used on the top of a car. She had the idea to sew a washer (little metal circle type) onto the bag so I can easily move or remove my antenna when I need. Genius. I'll try to stick a picture of it here.

Additional photos below
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Top View of Day Pack with WasherTop View of Day Pack with Washer
Top View of Day Pack with Washer

(the washers were supposed to hold my GPS antenna, but I didn't use it very much)

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