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November 11th 2010
Published: June 22nd 2017
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After work, I headed over to the KCI for departure. When I board the economy bus, I definitely feel like some kind of outsider, like I'm just hitching a ride to the terminal to meet some arriving friend on a delayed flight. The ticket agent doesn't mention anything about my bagless state on check-in and so off I went to security.

Now, any astute traveler will instantly see the flaw in my bagless plan. With so much crap stuffed in my pockets, it is going to be a pain to put it all in a bin without taking my pants off. Although I would never flinch at stripping down to my underwear if I though it would make every feel safer, I'm just going to have to tolerate that two times on this trip I'm going to have to fill up a plastic bin with my numerous pocket dwellers. It does end up taking a bit of time, but I'm patient and methodical and get everything put back where it goes on the safer side of the x-ray machine.

After arriving in Dulles, I head over to the lounge and experience the very big empty feeling of getting to use a USA-based departure lounge. That is to say, I get free house wine, crackers, and trail mix. Unlike the UK, no showers here. Anyways, after charging my phone a little bit, I board my flight and promptly sit there for over an hour while they jacked around with the navigation system. Apparently the new version of the map data they loaded this morning isn't getting along with the avionics. Captain Ed Yost had a nice soothing voice and kept every fairly calm with regular updates and random information about airplanes. Eventually they reload the old data set (that takes 20 minutes alone) and away we went, about 90 minute behind schedule. I'm glad the flight didn't get canceled, as that would have meant about $250 in lost arrangements I already paid for in Dubai.


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