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North America » United States » Missouri » Independence October 9th 2015

The I-70 series: I think that's the hope for baseball fans around here this year; they wanted it last year, but alas. I spent most of my day driving, but the place I spent the most time out of the car was Independence, MO. I made stops in Belleville, IL, and then in St. Louis, Columbia, Independence, and Kansas City. I'm currently at my hotel in Lenexa, KS - the Super 8, because I know how to live the high life. There was only one thing I wanted to see in Belleville, IL - the football stadium for the Lindenwood University-Belleville team. I had done some research for this trip, and it was basically on my way, so I had to see it. After all, it was dubbed "the most original (hideous) stadium" in all of ... read more
The special field for Lindenwood University-Belleville's football team
Obligatory Arch pic
Busch Stadium in St. Louis

North America » United States » Missouri » Independence June 21st 2011

I spent today in Independence, Missouri. Independence likes to promote itself as the hometown of Harry Truman. That it is, but more important for me it was the starting point of all three major overland trails in the 1830s, the Oregon, Santa Fe, and California trails. The stories of the pioneer families who made the trek, and the hazards they encountered, are told in a museum called the National Frontier Trails Museum. Deciding to Migrate West The museum opens with a display on the reas... read more
Pioneer supplies
One man's treasure is later trash
Pioneer tools

North America » United States » Missouri » Independence November 4th 2010

Nervous Excitement! Getting ready for our trip tonight, just finishing up work. So excited! Still need to pack, a long trip ahead! Such a procrastinator. ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Independence August 10th 2010

I loved this photo of Harry Truman in the yard out front of his presidential library in Independence, Missouri and Jim recreated it fifty years later. His photos are amazing!! ... read more
50 Years Later - a Presidential Junkie

North America » United States » Missouri » Independence August 9th 2010

Our next presidential library visit was to the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum. Probably my favorite president on my sabbatical tour, I was very interested in how this library would handle this particular president and his tremendous role in our country's history. The buck stops here. Harry S. Truman was a dirt farmer, the ordinary american democrat (would american believe that someone ordinary could lead them?) His leadership exemplifies the democratic idea of leadership - a man from the heartland, an ordinary guy, of common sense and decency. Despite universal knowledge of Roosevelt's deteriorating health, Truman had only been Vice President for 82 days and had no transition or preparation for stepping into the presidency. He was quoted saying "I am not big enough for this job". He barely knew any of the cabinet ... read more
Truman Library
Truman Library
Truman Library

On Friday, June 25, 2010 we departed the Big Red Barn RV Park in Carthage MO under brilliant blue skies en route to the Stadium RV Park in Independence MO. Our journey north on US 71 only took about 2-1/2 hours; however, we had planned a stop at the Harry S. Truman Birthplace State Historic Site in Lamar MO. John and Martha Truman bought the house for $685 in 1882 before Harry was born on May 8, 1884. They lived there until they moved to Independence when Harry was six. The United Auto Workers bought the house, restored it and donated it to the State of Missouri. Former President Truman attended the dedication on April 19, 1959. Interesting and worth traveling US 71 instead of US 69 between Joplin and Kansas City. Thanks to Irene’s precise ... read more
Bess Truman's Home For 97 Years
Capturing The Essence Of Life On The Trail
Living Quarters Upstairs

Well, today turned out to be a very special day.. but let me start out at the beginning. Our early morning walk actually had us meandering by "amber waves of grain" in a field...although as Steve said, the wheat was so small that it must be for Wheat Thins (he made me put this joke in here!!!). We got acquainted with Abilene residents by wandering through the local cemetery - it was interesting to see the number of Hispanic surnamed families from the early and mid - 20th century. One poignant headstone had two grieving greyhounds on it - I'm sure you didn't know that Abilene is the home of the Greyhound Hall of Fame. Driving down the main street of Abilene you are struck by the yellow ribbons around the century old trees and the ... read more
Eisenhower homestead
Arthur Bryant's in KC - BBQ to die for!

North America » United States » Missouri » Independence August 7th 2008

6th Aug. Today we continued across Kansas on I70 and into Missouri. Mostly farm country with the odd crop sprayer and some mechanical contraptions pumping oil. We encountered some rain in the morning but the serious storms were further north. Night stop Concordia, MO. Pam and George... read more
Photo 2

North America » United States » Missouri » Independence October 30th 2006

Our last big stop was in Missouri to visit the home of Harry Truman and his Presidential Library. We had listened to David McCullough’s book detailing Harry Truman’s life as we drove. It was quite a long, detailed and interesting. So a visit to Harry’s hometown seemed like a perfect culminating activity. The National Park Office was our first stop, where we viewed a brief video of Truman’s Life. The office contained lots of artifacts and memorabilia from the Truman’s home. It was rather late in the day so we found a campground in Independence, affiliated with a church, and spent the night, Up early on a frosty morning we made the first tour of the Truman Home. It was like taking a walk backwards in time, the old toaster and blender sitting on the counter ... read more
The burial place of Harry and Bess
View of the Library
 Harry with the newspaper indicating his defeat?

North America » United States » Missouri » Independence July 18th 2005

Welcome to Mid Town America. Compared to the other beautiful towns we had visited, Missouri was as they say... Misery!!! Well, maybe not that bad. However the houses were much more run down and the gardens unkempt and overgrown. Shops seemed old and run down. One of the main things we have noticed while in United states that was a surprise for us is how old and brown looking things are. I suppose TV shows only show the new and sparkely side of United States. We never really thought that USA is twice as old (since European settlement) than Australia. So I was constantly amazed at old brown buildings from the 60's and crumbling down buildings from even older times. Many downtowns had lots of character but were being underused due to strip malls being built ... read more
Community of Christ

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