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North America » United States » Missouri » Branson May 26th 2019

Hi Everyone It’s been a few days since I’ve been blogging,but there is so much to see and do in Branson. Branson is an entertainment city, we went to silver dollar city which is full of Blue Grass bands,we went to 5 shows,I’ve been really educated,we went to see the Six brothers they were brilliant.. we also went to the biggest Pro Bas sports shop like no other,it was amazing ,pictures coming. Today is Sunday and we all went to church,and then headed home to pack,as Tommorrow we head off again on a 7 hr trip to Nashville Tennessee,staying 2 nights. The weather is hot here,humidity very high. We are all in good spirits,and looking forward to our next stop. Love to you all KS... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Branson June 25th 2018

We had a last visit and hugs with the kids. As we finished getting ready to get on the road they drove out to take one more hike before heading back in the direction of home. Shortly after they left, we pulled out of camp (a little after 10:00) going towards Branson, MO. Apparently we had fried our shore electric cord the other day when we blew a breaker while trying to run too many high power things at one—a word to the wise—that is NOT a good idea!! Luckily we had purchased a new one several years ago, so we are good to go. On our way out, we stopped once again at Petit Jean’s Gravesite and overlook so we could take in that magnificent view once again. From there, we headed northward up and ... read more
Amazing rock formations
John on rocks overlooking Arkansas River
Isn’t he cute??!!

North America » United States » Missouri » Branson May 5th 2017

Weather watching has become a way of life on our Quest trip. That storm in Little Rock and the resulting floods up and down the Mississippi have made us very aware of rising water. ARDot and MODot iphone apps have become my new best friends. Another weather system was approaching quickly and we had to make it to Branson for our next reservation before it hit. The Branson campground told us we could come in the one day early we needed. Up early, I was very anxious to get on the road knowing what was waiting ahead. Again, on US 65, a really nice road in most parts, but it has some crazy turns and hills. We crossed the Buffalo River and saw the sign to the campground we were scheduled to stay at there and ... read more
OMG is that the sun?
Flood in Branson

North America » United States » Missouri » Branson October 29th 2016

My first show in Branson was The Dublin Tenors and Celtic Ladies. It was a great concert with both groups performing on their own and then together. The Dublin Tenors entertained everyone with some great step dancing. I went to see the Oak Ridge Boys in a really impressive venue called The Mansion. I had seen them probably over 30 years ago and they still put on an incredible show. Joe Bonsall still has the energy and moves from years ago. William Golden still has his signature long beard and hair and can still bring a tear to your eye when he sings a favorite Gospel song. Richard Sterban still impresses with his bass solo in Elvira and Duane Allen still does amazing as the lead vocal of the group. A group of senior citizens that ... read more
Oak Ridge Boys
Oak Ridge Boys (2)
Six group

North America » United States » Missouri » Branson June 19th 2016

So, we consider ourselves to be pretty well traveled. Lucky quite actually…. been in all 50 states in our own country and many great foreign lands as well. Our home country is quite a large one and certainly we’ve spent more time in some states than others. The great state of Missouri is well known for St. Louis and Kansas City and rightfully so, but we wanted to wander into a smaller lesser-known town. Most Americans have more than likely heard of Branson, Missouri and mentally made a snap decision, positive or negative, about this town and what interest it would hold for them. Quite frankly, we admit we are among those people who made a snap decision and had our reservations. Having always been curious and wanted to visit but we were worried about the ... read more
Talented Musicians
A big fork
Arkansas highways

North America » United States » Missouri » Branson April 6th 2016

Up quite late around 9.30 today and my back is improving a lot. As we got upgraded to a suite we will do all the washing today. Cloudy start to the day only about 16 degrees and a sight drizzle around. It is supposed to reach 21 later and get a bit windy but we will see. We went to Farmhouse Restaurant for breakfast at 2PM ! Kerry had 2 Pancakes with Pecans and I had 3 Pancakes with Blueberry. Simply delicious. Then we went to the famous Dicks 5 & Dime souvenir store and got the licence plate for the Bali Hut (and a cake of soap). We were lucky to find the licence plate as we walked up and down every aisle and we got blocked at the end of an aisle by a ... read more
The Great American Chicken Steak House
Salad for dinner !
Million Dollar Quartet show at Welk Resort

North America » United States » Missouri » Branson April 5th 2016

Late start to the day as we finally had a chance for a lay in after 3 weeks away. We have no breakfast included here at the Hilton and started the day with a muffin and banana left over from the previous day. We drove to the Visitors Information Centre (the official one that is, noting there seems to be about 30 visitor’s centres around here !). We had booked tickets to 2 shows here and had to collect our tickets. Whilst we were there we asked for some advice on breakfast and he gave us two suggestions being Billy Gails Café about 15 minutes’ drive away and The Farmhouse Restaurant which is close to where we are staying in Bransons Landing. Since we are already in the car we decide on Billy Gails Café. It ... read more
Titanic Museum
Branson Attraction
The Keeter Centre at the College of the Ozarks

North America » United States » Missouri » Branson April 4th 2016

Breakfast was a classic B & B feast. No idea what we had. It was explained but too hard to remember sorry ! We had breakfast at 8.30am sharp with a couple from Conway, Arkansas and chatted with them for a while. They were staying in the adjoining carriage house so we actually had the whole B & B building to ourselves. The owners of this place have had it since 1993 and their granddaughter was serving us today. She said the place has been on the market for US $1.2M for 5 years which I reckon is a bargain for something that has such historical value and is ranked in USA top 10 B & B by some magazines. They bought the place for $150,000- and it needed a massive restoration to be done. I ... read more
Those fateful stairs !
The Ladies Parlour Room
Finally some Arkansas Hils !

North America » United States » Missouri » Branson November 17th 2015

We are staying at the Marriott Willow Ridge Timeshare facility in Branson. This timeshare gig has really been terrific for our travels this year. I've used several Getaways through Interval. The prices are good and we always book a unit with a kitchen. It makes all the difference to have a kitchen. It seems that when we eat out we have two options; eat at an inexpensive restaurant and be disappointed with the food and nourishment or eat at an expensive restaurant and be satisfied with the food but feel a bit sick about the price. In addition, lots of these timeshare resorts offer inexpensive activities for the kids that help tremendously. For instance, this week we played Junk Food Bingo, watched resort sponsored movies on the big screen in the lounge, painted pottery in the ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Branson May 30th 2015

With Ian and Sandra’s visit rapidly drawing to a close, Fiona and I decided to take them to one of the ‘must-see’ places of America’s Mid-west is Branson, Missouri. Branson is often branded as the ‘Vegas of the Mid-west’ due to the vast amount of ‘manufactured’ tourist attractions and specialty shows which line the main road through the town. Nestled within the beautiful ‘Lake of the Ozarks’ region of southern Missouri, Branson does very little to leverage it’s amazing natural beauty and instead promotes kitschy cover shows, theme parks and other family entertainment. We loaded up the car (The Golden Girl, cause she's both old and gold!) and literally just managed to squeeze our luggage and six passengers in. Whilst it can seat six passengers, the third row of seating is really limited in space, so ... read more
Fish n' Taxidermy
Man vs Food
Kitsch No 1

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