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North America » United States » Mississippi » Tupelo April 25th 2017

I probably started out the day with a bad attitude, and sure hope it didn’t show to my travelling girlies. We had such a long way to go today, and I was not looking forward to the drive at all. 250+ miles over hill and dale and ‘hood and vale. It took us pretty much 7 hours, with 2 lengthy stops. Some of the roads in MS are wonderful, and others just plain suck. The interstates suck, full of potholes and varying road surfaces. The State and County roads are mostly ok, but their speed limit can range from 45 to 65. I don’t do 65 at all; I would be airborne over the bumps. I was point person, Kim next, Ginnie tail gunner. I am very surprised how hilly central MS is. Beautiful rolling hills, ... read more
Can you see the marina thru the mist?
Johnnie's Drive In
We were in the Elvis booth!

North America » United States » Mississippi » Tupelo October 21st 2015

"She says": This part of the trip was a trip down memory lane. I grew up with Elvis' music as a lot of you have. As we headed south from Nashville the surrounding landscape changed we are seeing cotton fields and strange vines growing over many trees and bushes. The rv park was right next door to Graceland gate. We spent the day walking around the shops and looking at all the "stuff" that they were selling.....yes I did buy something to take home. Hahaha. The mansion was amazing. Very dated, but so cool that Elvis lived there with Priscilla and their daughter Lisa Marie. Everything was personal and showed his life well. The grounds were beautiful, unfortunately there were no horses in the fields, but you could imagine what it would look like with ... read more

North America » United States » Mississippi » Tupelo August 28th 2013

The drive on the Natchez Trace Parkway from Le Fleur's Bluff State Park Campground in Jackson MS to the Campground at Barnes Crossing in Tupelo MS was relaxing and uneventful. The partly sunny skies erupted in 2-3 brief but heavy showers. After setting up the Pilgrim in upper 80’s heat on Wednesday, August 21, 2013, I went to town in the air conditioned truck for a familiarization tour. Normally, I enjoy the cooling breeze generated with the windows down; however, even I had to succumb to the combination of heat AND humidity – perspiration doesn’t dry in the east like it does in the west! After a visit to downtown Tupelo, there is no doubt that Tupelo is linked to Elvis in some fashion. Guitar-shaped sculptures (okay, I might be stretching the definition of a sculpture ... read more
Nice Paintings Adorn The Interpretive Center
There Are No Monuments Ala Gettysburg Or Vicksburg
Reportedly, John Clem Served As A Drummer At Shiloh At Age Ten And Went On To Retire From The Army As A Major General

North America » United States » Mississippi » Tupelo August 10th 2013

August 10th, 2013 9:00 pm CDT Day 32 We left our motel in Natchez, MS @ 6:45 am looking forward to a day driving on the Natchez Trace. The speed limit on the Trace is 50 mph. Since it was a Saturday and we had an early start it was a long time before one car came from behind. We stopped for lunch at French Camp, another place recommended by Roy Stone. It was a great place and the food was very good. French Camp Academy is for kids grades 1-12 who come from difficult circumstances to have a stable, loving home and school in a Christian environment. Just as we'd come to French Camp, a few raindrops were falling. By the time we had ordered and were eating, the rain was pouring down. We had ... read more
Sun rays

North America » United States » Mississippi » Tupelo July 2nd 2013

Travels with Snowbirds Tuesday July 2 2013 Talladega AL to Campground at Barnes Crossing Tupelo MS All about Elvis. Today was one of the best days ever. Up early, still have not adjusted to the time change, but that’s ok. A few long check in/check up on Mommy phone calls later I was on the road by 8:30 headed north and west towards Tupelo, MS. I said goodbye to I20 in Birmingham and headed on another new road, in some places I22, in others the same road has the US78 Designation. Going thru Birmingham, it was a larger town than I thought of, it had a few tall buildings, more than Wilmington, that’s for sure. Just west of Birmingham the topography changed. The rolling hills were still there, but longer and steeper, if that makes any ... read more
Bedroom of 2 room Shotgun House
Other end of Bedroom

North America » United States » Mississippi » Tupelo April 25th 2013

Aug. 20, 2012 My husband and I traveled to the town of Tupelo, Mississippi for the sole reason it is the birthplace of Elvis Presley. We arrived in the late afternoon at the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum. Once again we were limited on time, so we decided to skip the museum but purchsed tickets to see the inside of the two room house where Elvis was born. Once we entered the small house we were greeted by a friendly woman who shared her knowledge of the house. Directly across from the house was the church Elvis attended as a child. Church services were being held. Along the walkway, events dealing with the first thirteen years of Elvis' life are displayed as well as a statue of a young Elvis and a car similiar to one ... read more
House where Elvis was born
Statue of Elvis
Church Elvis attended as a child.

North America » United States » Mississippi » Tupelo November 12th 2011

So it’s up early, farewell to downtown Memphis and off to the Hertz office to pick up our car. I was slightly bracing myself for a bit of a heated discussion as we’d booked through an internet site as it was so cheap and most importantly we didn’t get charged a ‘one way’ fee for picking up in Memphis and dropping off in Nashville which seemed unusual but there it was in black and white on the paperwork ‘no one way fee for this rental’. Can’t say it plainer than that. But I was still half expecting a bit of a kerfuffle about it. However, good old Hertz were as good as gold and we even got a bigger car than we’d booked so the other worry about the size of our cases fitting in the ... read more
where Elvis got his first guitar

North America » United States » Mississippi » Tupelo November 15th 2010

We did such a long journey from Spain just to visit the most significant landmark of Tupelo: Elvis Presley´s two- room house where he was born on January 8, 1935. We love Elvis and his music, undoubtedly it´s well worth the endless flight and the miles we drove till we got there. ... read more
Elvis Presley´s home
Inside Elvis Presley´s home

North America » United States » Mississippi » Tupelo May 27th 2010

What a great day! After our bit of a fiasco yesterday, today was wonderful. Travelled south on the Natchez Trace Parkway. Native Americans, Kaintuck boatmen, post riders, government officials and soldiers all moved across this trail, creating a link between the Mississippi Territory and the fledgling United States. We travelled through forests, cypress swamps and farmland to meander through the rock-studded hills of Tennessee, cotton fields in Alabama, and Mississippi's marshes. And Robbie, eat your heart out, we went to Tupelo Mississippi, saw the house where Elvis was born, the church he went to etc. It was interesting. Robbie, bought you something. Took lots of pictures but cannot download them yet. Marcel, I tried very hard to get a picture of a wild turkey in flight, tried about 10 times, and so far, only got the ... read more

North America » United States » Mississippi » Tupelo May 13th 2008

Growing up in southern Virginia the word for uttering obscene phrases was called "cussing." This was something I rarely did there, and I've always attributed this to having much younger siblings in the household with a penchant for uttering these phrases back to you at the most inappropriate of times, to the mortification of visitors. Then, I moved to NYC, where cussing had never been heard of, but CURSING is an art form. On the trading floors across New York 4-letter words were as common a part of the vernacular as hello, I need coffee, and buy/sell. Elsewhere in the City they also flew out in casual conversations with rapid fluidity. Now, even back in NYC, my non-trading floor self really tried to keep that language in check - my deep Virginia roots still cringed every ... read more

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