From the Natchez to the Ozarks

Published: April 17th 2016
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After taking a Greyhound from Shreveport, LA to Jackson, MS, we hitchhiked the almost 60 miles to the Rocky Springs free campgrounds on the Natchez Trace Parkway. We endured two days of nonstop rain, a leaky tent, and had our food stolen by raccoons. The third day there, the park's maintenance man pulled up to chit chat, and offered to let us come stay at his house for the night to dry out, shower, and eat a home cooked meal. After a few hours of talking, we came to an agreement that we could stay at his house while we cleaned up his back yard of trees and piles of rotten lumber, and in exchange, he would pay for our tickets to Fort Smith, AR. so we can start our exploration of the Ozarks. Today is our second day here. We have made a massive impact on the yard, and might have a few other job possibilities lines up. We plan on leaving in two weeks (Greyhound tickets are cheaper the farther out you purchase them) but figure we will only stay at the house for a few days. We are excited to explore all of the trails around Rocky Springs, get some good fishing in, and plan our next move. "Live free or die"


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