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February 8th 2007
Published: February 8th 2007
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Natchez is not exactly the entertainment capital of Mississippi, but it's famous for being a place where people are trying very hard to preserve their local history. Or to put it another way, live in the past. The area is covered in plantation and pre-civil war properties, and there are regular events allowing people to dress up in period costumes and talk about the good old days.
We visited Springfield Plantation House, mainly because it was advertised as being open daily throughout the year. I don't know if it was typical of plantations in the region, but it was certainly an experience we won't forget. It's run by the owner Mr LaSalle, a fast-talking southern gent in his 70's, who has strong opinions on pretty much everything, and lives in the house. Unlike Graceland, where the whole upper floor is private (and the owner is dead) Springfield only appeared to have one private room. So you can visit the study where the owner has just been sitting at his desk, catching up on his correspondence with HM the Queen (he's a VERY strong royalist - he said that the greatest gift he could receive from Australia would be seven republicans' heads
Messin with the antiquesMessin with the antiquesMessin with the antiques

Calvin in the lounge of the Eola Natchez Hotel, where we stayed - posh, eh?
on plates). The mansion itself is mostly original, complete with massive cracks that made me worry that we were going to fall through the ceiling and be impaled on one of the many royal standard flagpoles below. (see blog 116799 if you're interested in a more detailed description from someone who payed more attention and took more pictures than I). In any case, CJ was a bit of a nightmare inside, and the highlight of his visit was chasing cows in the nearby paddock.
Nic is suffering from a tummy upset currently - he attributes it to some barbeque we had yesterday. Our first experience of a real bbq joint, complete with a rickety wooden annex with smoke billowing from the chimney.
This morning we're off to New Orleans. Due to good luck, or bad, our visit is going to coincide with the beginning of Mardi Gras. I've been told it's fine to take children, and it's actually a very family-oriented celebration, as long as you stay away from Bourbon Street. Our hotel, which I pre-booked for a change, is on Bourbon Street...!

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The mighty MississippiThe mighty Mississippi
The mighty Mississippi

...complete with Riverboat Casino

8th February 2007

Long live King Calvin - what a great chair, maybe that' where the Beckhams got theirs from. We have just had a good 3 - 4 inches of snow in Milton Keynes, lots of great sledging to be had as all he schools are closed!
9th February 2007

The big chair
Prince Regent Calvin (The Magnificent) looks wonderful in his chair. Can you bring it home so we can pay due deference to His Highness?
10th February 2007

Lord Calvin
Re the chair , Calvin obviously recognises his Royal heritage , ( Duke of Devonshire.)

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