Greenville and a Correction

Published: June 29th 2019
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First a correction:

We had a tour of the Pilot House today and I find out that the boat does indeed have another method of propulsion other than the paddlewheel, having told you a couple of days ago that it doesn’t. There are two Z drives which look like propellers in casings which can be swivelled around to help steer the boat as well as propelling it forward. It also has bow thrusters. This all makes sense as we couldn’t figure out how it manoeuvred itself into dock.

The tour was very interesting and I got to pull the whistle at the end! There are two pilots on board who actually sail the boat as well as a few mates who assist them and learn at the same time. One of the pilots is a woman. Hence on the computer chart the boat is pink. They work twelve hour shifts from 11.30pm to 11.30am.

Here in Greenville we have seen pleasure craft for the first time And even a couple of water skiers. Needless to say we are in a quieter part of the river.

There were not many sights to see today, the main experience being a ride on a 1904 carousel. During the day these small towns are deserted. I think everyone is inside out of the heat, and it is still June. I hate to think what it is going to be like in August. Also the retail centres of these towns have been affected by malls further out and they are having a hard time maintaining viability. It’s quite sad to see really.

Time for a swim before the concert. We are on the 7.45 sitting so we get to see the concert beforehand at 6.15.

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