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March 7th 2010
Published: March 14th 2010
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Ok. I just want to preface this by saying that normally, there wont be sooo many loooooong entries coming at you guys all at once. This week I just felt like I should let ya'll know everything that was going on since it is all new and exciting. Hopefully soon I'll be able to just sum up the highlights of the week in one entry. But for now, you will have to bear with me. ;-)

Friday was just as lovely as I thought. It would have been the perfect day, if only I had brought my gum boots (huge rain boots). Alas, when I got up in the morning, there was frost on the truck and by the time it had defrosted enough for me to drive I was worried I wouldn't have enough time to stop and get my boots so I just headed out. Found the gate fine, which was good. Walked over the gate and was met by a river of water. Ok, I exaggerate. But it was a lot of water. And mud. Especially for someone just wearing hiking boots. Which, I might add, are beginning to fall apart a tiny bit and so that made it easier for them to fill with water. Course at one point I topped my shoes anyway so my feet would have been soaking wet whether I had unholy shoes or not. So yeah, I finally reached the blind, got in, saw three birds and then realized I had left my scope in the car. Which I need in order to see the bands on the birds. Baah. Had to go back, through all the water and mud. As fast as I could. Still lost 10 minutes, during which time one of the birds left, so I have no idea who it was. Ah well. It was really neat sitting in the blind and watching the birds. I was able to ID them. I also got to read some of my book (am finally reading Golden Compass! I got it from the library here!) If not for my freezing cold feet, it would've been nearly perfect. I should also mention that it was freezing outside. I could see my breath nearly the entire tim I was out there. Anywho, I survived. Made it back to the truck, took off my shoes and put on flip flops and blasted the heat on my feet on the way home. haha.

Back at home, I changed clothes and then headed out with Ingrid to start setting up barriers around a likely nesting area. It was pretty fun. It wasn't too windy so we worked on the part that was on dry land. It took a while to get the hang of it but soon we had a rhythm. And then yea, we were done work at 2 because that was 8 hours, with a half hour break. Woooooooo!

We were quite tired after that day of work so we just chilled. There was supposedly very good live music happening at a local bar but not til 10:30pm and we realized we just weren't going to be able to stay up. haha so we just relaxed and watched Gilmore Girls. And I went to bed at 9pm. which was craaaazy early but I was just soo tired.

Saturday I was up early and so went to the office and checked mail, etc. We went grocery shopping in the morning. Checked out the farmers market. It was crazy small but there were a few really awesome things. Went to a different grocery store this time. Liked it very much. Made a brief stop at walmart to get random stuff like sun screen and sponges. Oh and Ingrid had her first sonic experience! She liked it. 😊

After lunch I read for a bit outside and then took the truck to go check on some of the cranes. It turned out there were TONS of cranes in the pen, not just the ones I was expecting, so I stayed for nearly an hour. haha. It was fun.

Once I finally left the blind, I cooked dinner and then we watched another Gilmore Girls before heading out. Lauren had told us that there was going to be live music at a place called The Shed, starting at 7. Ever since we got here people have been talking about this place, so we were curious to see what its like. It is a BBQ place and I am not a huge fan of that so hence I ate before going. Decided I could just get a drink there. So the place was actually really cool. But I couldn't get over just how stereotypically southern it seemed. The inside was full of random stuff covering the walls and seemed to be held together with random materials. hehe. then there were lights strung outside across an open area leading to a stage where the live music was. There was a bonfire outside and the stage was made of trees. As in, there were tree branches coming out at points. hehe. But yeah, it was a pretty cool place and the music was quite good. We only stayed for about an hour and then thought we might try checking out somewhere else but ended up just back in the trailer, hanging out listening to music and watching Gilmore Girls. 😊 It was a good night.

Today has been very chill. Woke up pretty early again so went online. Then we tried out a presbyterian church in Gautier. The service was decent and I liked the sermon, but it was a tiny tiny church with no people our age, and I am hoping to find a church choir and they didn't have one. It made me feel bad though cause everyone was SUPER nice and friendly to us and really wanted us to come back. They even gave us little gift bags that had homemade banana bread in them, among other things! How sweet is that? I figure maybe I can go there every once and a while. 😊 But next week I'll try a different church.

After the service we went to use wireless for a bit. Then back at the trailer I ate the bread outside while enjoying the nice weather. Did laundry and spent the afternoon reading outside and talking to my seester 😊 overall, twas a good weekend and an excellent first week.


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