Just one week left!

Published: April 23rd 2008
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This is my team in front of one of the Habitat Homes we have worked on
I can't believe I only have one week left of my first project. In some ways it flew by but when I reflect back it seems like so much has happened in the past 6 weeks. This last week was definately a stressful one. With the ending of this project everyone just seems really ansty to get out of here.
On Tuesday the new team from the Sacramento campus arrived here. It's funny to see how they are reacting to the living conditions and how they feel. I can relate so much to them but I know they will learn to love it. It has though been different having another team here. It's like you don't want to really trust them too much because there are a lot of people who will sometimes tattle in the program. It's also weird comparing their work ethic to ours. I think though in some ways it has motivated us to do harder so we are the better team... I'm not sure how great it is but or the sake of progress I guess it's ok.
This week we have been building the car ports and hanging up siding. It has been nice to be out in the sun swinging a hammer again. The weather actually was moderately cool this week so it made it even better. It has also been almost a sort of therapy with the stress being able to just pound nails in!
So on Wednesday nights we go to play cabage ball (like softball but the ball is bigger and softer and you don't use gloves) well before we left we were practicing and i left my purse on the bumper of our van. My dumb self forgot all about it and we drove off I didn't even remember until we got back home. I was devastated. It had my cell phone my wallet with all my credit cards my iPod and my camera. We tried driving around that night to find it but couldn't. Work was hard Thursday and I was stressed out and called and cancelled a bunch of cards. On the way home something amazing happened and we found my purse on the side of the road. The only thing that had been stollen out of it was my cell phone. Luckily I had no cash and they only tore through my wallet and didn't take and cards. I don't really know what I would have done if I hadn't found that bag.
During the program we have to complete 80 extra hours called ISP's. Since Earth Day is this Tuesday this cool small town called BAy St. Louis which is one of the places we work, had an earth day celebration. We volunteered there and it was really great just to be out in that community, This was one of the first times I was really able to talk to a lot of people affected by the storm. There were a lot of thank you's and things of that nature and it was really great to feel like I am doing something worthwhile.
So I don't have my new address yet but when I do I will let you know. So don't send any packages until I get you the new one. Small letters and stuff can still be sent to the PO Box 209 address. I know auntie Janet sent something to the wrong address but luckily they are bringing all the packages to transition in Jackson next week so I will get it then but I am reallllllllllllly excited to see what's in it.
I am also just very excited in general to go to transition. We get to stay in a Clarion hotel and we are only staying two to a room and we get our own bed! This will be a nice change for 5 days. Also it will be nice seeing a lot of my friends that I haven't really seen in the last 6 weeks!
So i have finally taken some more pictures so here are my new albumns!



I miss you all and love you!


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