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North America » United States » Minnesota » Two Harbors July 13th 2018

Gooseberry Falls State Park, Two Harbors, Minnesota We had plans for an outing yesterday, but it remained overcast all day and rained off and on. We weren’t sure that, with bad weather, we would be able to see very much. Furthermore, we looked at a map and determined that we could include that outing on today’s itinerary fairly easily, so we’ve done that. It will make for a full day. Instead, I managed to get through the Isle Royale pictures from our last day and wrote up that post. Unfortunately, since we are dry camping, and we didn’t travel yesterday, our phones are nearly dead and I won’t be able to post either the final Isle Royale picture, or this one, until later today after our devices have recharged in the car. Dry camping does impose ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Two Harbors July 11th 2018

Gooseberry Falls State Park, Two Harbors, Minnesota We declared a downday of sorts yesterday. I managed to lose the screw on the earpiece to my prescription sunglasses several weeks ago. We tried one of those repair kits with the itty bitty screw drivers. I worked at the damn thing for more than half an hour, but with no luck. Either the tiny screws they gave me with the kit weren’t the right size, or I was simply unable to hold my hands steady enough to keep the parts aligned, get the screw in there, and turn it the right direction. Crap, I can barely see the little things, much less manipulate them. So I’ve been driving without sunglasses the last couple of weeks. Having to squint a lot to keep the sun glare down, I have ... read more

Gooseberry Falls State Park, Two Harbors, Minnesota In yesterday’s post I mentioned that it seemed like the storms blew in from the northwest and then picked up the moisture and energy from the lake before pounding the southern and eastern shores. Well, as if to tell me how wrong I can be, Lake Superior sent us one hell of a storm last night. And, just to prove who was the boss, the storm formed over the lake and then blew back westward onto shore. So whatever I said about how the weather works up here, well, I was just plain wrong - the Lake can deliver storms on any side of the lake it chooses! Rain was in the forecast all day to start around six in the evening. It arrived right on schedule. Soon the ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Two Harbors July 25th 2010

Entry Five: Duluth, Mn. (depart 1 p.m.) to Temperance State Park, Minnesota (arrive 6 p.m.) Miles driven: 83 Leaving Duluth on a sunny and hot Sunday morning, Sophie the dog and I slogged through the Duluth construction, finally finding ourselves on the “North Shore,” a famous 151 mile long stretch of road that extends all the way to Ontario, Canada. It’s designation as an “All-American” road certainly fits, as the stunning views provide my first real sense of peace, ease, and relaxation. Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes, envelopes the right-hand view for most of the entire way. Large rocks and cliffs jut out into the water, providing excellent photo opportunities from the numerous turn-offs. Small towns, approximately one every 15-30 miles are efficient and cute, and, in fact, the entire area is very ... read more
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