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April 17th 2009
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Final Formal NightFinal Formal NightFinal Formal Night

Mom, Hugh, Me, and our wonderful waiters, Michael and Hector
We did it! All the way around the world and then some. And we got home happy and well.

The shipped was docked in Southampton when we woke up Monday morning. We ate a quick breakfast and then were among the first passengers allowed to go ashore. The Captain stood at the gangway shaking hands and saying goodbye. A very nice touch that was typical of our wonderful ship. We were able to quickly gather our suitcases and get our "private car" to come pick us up. We happily ran into Hugh in the pick-up area after we had already said our goodbyes on the ship, so he was able to help pack us into the car and see us on our way. The trip up to Heathrow Airport was uneventful. It was a beautiful spring day with lots of flowering shrubs in bloom and green fields with sheep and baby lambs grazing. Our flight home on (what was still called) Northwest was fine and we arrived at MSP an hour early, breezing through immigration and customs so that we had to wait a while for my brother to pick us up. It was wonderful to see the boys again and they seemed happy to see us...and the presents we'd brought, of course. Mom and I were in bed before 8:00 due to the time change and set off for home Tuesday morning. We arrived back in the Lakes Area around 1:00.

Since then it has been hectic trying to get unpacked and sorting through the mail. Also getting the phones, cable and Internet hooked up at Mom's, the store and my house -- none of these took fewer than three long involved phone calls each, with two actual onsite visits. What a fiasco! We both had completely empty refrigerators to restock, but our heat and water were all in fine working order thanks to Sally and the plumber.

BTW, I noticed when I got home that I forgot to "publish" an entry about sailing past "Point Zero" on the globe. I thought this was really interesting, so please look back and check out that entry.

For those of you wondering about Hugh, I will only say "stay tuned." He is the kindest, most considerate man I know and having him with me for eight weeks of the cruise was wonderful. Now we just need to find out whether this shipboard romance can extend to land as well. And, as one of our fellow passenger's put it, "There's an awful lot of water between us." We shall see.

Finally, I'd like to end this blog with a comment Mom made just a few days ago. She said, "The best thing she did in her life was marry Dad. The second best was go on this cruise." I agree. It was wonderful.


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