Life’s Intentions

Published: March 10th 2011
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Last night we slept over at Robert’s house in Portage La Prairie. It’s an airforce town and it very, very small. Poor Robert has had to live there for 2 years! It was so great to finally get some sleep as were driving for 15 hours. In the morning, Robert gave us an wonderful tour of his work. He flies helicopters for the military and it’s pretty cool. I realized just how difficult it has been for Robert to get to where he is. It’s not easy. I realized how lucky he is to be flying these helicopters as many people who actually work on the air crafts just really want to fly and only a small select few get the opportunity to be a pilot. The hangers where the aircrafts are held are impeccability clean. Every tool is accounted for and not a speck of dirt on the ground. The aircrafts were as shiny as the pilot’s boots. There were many people in the training building next to the hangers wearing green jump suits. They are future Canadian Miliary pilots. It was quite interesting to see the to-be pilots in training. More crazy was sitting in the helicopters knowing that Robert knows how to fly these technical machines. Buttons and switches everywhere. Robert is being posted in Halifax where he will fly the “Sea King” designed to land on naval ships.

We crossed the border with no problems. I was quite stressed out as we are traveling with our ‘Love Orchid’. One of the first gifts Patrick gave me when we were ‘wooing’. The plant has not stopped flowering. We both love the plant and were both nervous that we’d be pulled over and inspected. We feared having to give it up. No problems getting through though.

With sprits high, we began listening to another episode of “The Bottom Line” by David Suzuki. It was all about the Alberta Tar Sands. He interviewed John Abbott, the Executive Vice President of Shell Oil. It was mind blowing. David asked the tough questions that many avoid because too many people do not want to 'offend' anyone. We all think about them, but never ask them. What we realized from the conversation is David has a deep belief and has decided that he will live his life with the intention to right the environmental wrongs. He is a spokesperson for the environment and he is not afraid to make his poignant points heard.

We decided that we ourselves need to create some “BHAGS – Big Hairy Audacious Goals” for our own lives. It was an amazing experience. These goals will help guide us to make our own life decision, therefore, not going through life aimlessly, but rather with intention.

They are titled “Ami & Patrick’s Life's Intentions”
Our over arching goal is to Live Consciously and we will do this by:
Causing no unnecessary harm.
Living a life of openness, mindfulness and with intention by continually growing emotionally, spiritually, mentally and
physically and to avoid complacency.

What a great exercise and a wonderful way for Patrick and I to connect on a deeper level. I love activities like this. I always feel so empowered afterwards.


10th March 2011

OMG I love BHAGS!!! What an inspiring and awesome exercise. I think the two of you are totally audacious and hairy, and that all your dreams will come true :)

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